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Links for Pronunciation Practice


Sound pairs (Many Things) - Minimal pair sound contrasts

Pronunciation Practice (Okanagan) - Minimal pair sound contrasts and articulation

The Sounds of American English (University of Iowa) - How to pronounce all the sounds of American English

Ship or Sheep - Minimal pair sound contrasts

Tongue Twisters - Listen to tongue twisters for various sounds

/w/ Sound (from ESL Gold) - Minimal pairs, sentences, and dialogues with the /w/ sound

Woman / Women (YouTube) - Hints for pronouncing /w/, and some cultural hints as well.


Syllable Practice - This is a recording of the words on the Syllable Practice handouts.

ED / ES Word Endings

ES Endings (from Jennifer English)- Pronunciation of ES endings on verbs and plural nouns

Word Stress

Word Stress Rules - This is a recording of the words on my Word Stress Rules handout.

Stress Monsters (from New English File) - Play this game to practice word stress.

Word Stress (from English Club) - Rules and examples of dictionary entries.

Connected Speech (including sentence stress, linking, reductions, and contractions)

Sentence Stress (from English Club) - Content words and structure words

Sentence Stress Rules (from English Club)

Linking (from English Club)

Can / Can't Lesson - Part 1 (from Jennifer ESL)

Can / Can't Lesson - Part 2 (from Jennifer ESL)


Tag Questions (from BBC Learning English) - explanations, listening and practice (British English)

Various Activities and Web Links

Podcasts in English - Pronunciation podcasts and videos  (British English)

English with Jennifer (a different Jennifer, NOT me) - Pronunciation

ESL Pronunciation Work Page - Many activities and links for pronunciation and listening

ESL: Pronunciation (from the Internet TESL Journal) - Many pronunciation links

Pronunciation Links (by Michael Krauss) - More pronunciation links; sorted by level

ESL Tower - Various activities and videos for pronunciation practice





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