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Rebekah Sims

Sylvania HT 215

Fall  2007 Class Information

Welcome to my home page!







My Courses...

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  Spring 2015 Course No.   Course Title Section
    PE 162O Core Fitness 22601
    PE 181A Beg Weight Training-Coed 20125
    PE 181B Int Weight Training-Coed 20128
    PE 181C Adv Weight Training-Coed 21631
    PE 183A Hiking 26975
    PE 183I Beginning Volkswalking 21268
    PE 183J Intermediate Volkswalking 21903
    PE 183M Advanced Volkswalking 23650
    PE 143A Aquatic Exercise I 25154
    PE 143B Aquatic Exercise II 25155
    PE 143C Aquatic Exercise III 25156

  Summer 2015 Course No.   Course Title Section
    PE 183I Beginning Volkswalking 30732
    PE 183J Intermediate Volkswalking 30733
    PE 183M Advanced Volkswalking 31005

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