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If you get an Application Blocked window, it is all right to click the OK button to proceed.

Here is a screenshot of what the Application Blocked pop-up looks like in Microsoft Windows:

Application Blocked Security

System Test:

Before entering PCC/WebEasy, visit the system test page to see if your computer is prepared for publishing.

System Test

If you experience any difficulties using the system test, make sure your computer meets the system requirements listed below.

System Requirements:

To author in PCC/WebEasy you must be using one of the following browsers.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6/7
  • Firefox 1.5+
  • Mozilla 1.7+
  • SeaMonkey
  • Safari 2+
  • Opera 8.5+
The following operating systems are supported.
  • Microsoft Windows XP (It is recommended to install Microsoft XP Service Pack 2)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Linux 2.x
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.4 (All Service Packs and Updates must be installed, Safari and Firefox only, Java Embedding Plugin for Mac OS X from must be installed to enable Firefox Java support)
You must also have enabled the following:
  • Cookies
  • JavaScript
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

    It is recommended to always use the most recent JVM available. To download the latest JVM please visit:
Minimum suggested hardware requirements
  • Windows: 1 GHz Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon CPU, 256MB RAM
  • Mac OS X PPC Platform: 800 MHz G4 Processor, 256MB RAM
  • Mac OS X Intel Platform: All current Mac OS X Intel platform products with the Intel Core Duo processor fulfill the minimum hardware requirements.

PCC/WebEasy Support:

PCC/WebEasy support is available through the HelpDesk (971-722-4400).

Check out the PCC/WebEasy training opportunities for additional information on tips for web publishing.