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Article I: Organization Name and Acronym

The name of the organization is “Cascade Campus Cycling Club (CCCC)”.

Article II: Purpose

This club exists for the purpose of supporting cycling culture at Cascade Campus of PCC. To accomplish this, the club has three main areas of interest:

  • Bicycle Commuting
  • Cycling for Fitness
  • Competitive Cycling

The programs of the club supporting these three main areas of interest may include, but are not limited to:

  • Encouraging bicycle commuting by providing free maps and other information
  • Helping new cyclists to build confidence and knowledge
  • Facilitating connections between cyclists with social gatherings
  • Sponsoring free bike tune-up sessions
  • Offering free classes on basic bicycle maintenance
  • Offering free classes on fitness and nutrition for the cyclist
  • Fund-raising drives through races and/or per-mile donors
  • Offering community service through our programs

Article III: Authority and Power

Student organizations are chartered by the ASPCC Executive Board which has been granted this authority by the Board of Education.

Article IV: Membership

Anyone may join this club. This club does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, national origin, age, height/weight ratio or disability.

Article V: Officers

Executive Officers

The following executive officer positions should be filled at all times. An individual should only occupy one of the following.

  • President
    Presides at meetings and facilitates consensus-building
  • Treasurer
    Records and reports all monetary transactions
  • Secretary
    Records and reports decisions made, and maintains archive of activities

Program Coordinators

The following officer positions may be filled by anyone interested in developing specific areas of focus within the club. An individual may occupy more than one of these offices, and may occupy one of these offices in addition to one of the executive offices above.

  • Commuting Program Coordinator
    Oversees commuting program and coordinates commuting related activities
  • Fitness Program Coordinator
    Oversees fitness program and coordinates fitness related activities
  • Competitive Cycling Program Coordinator
    Oversees competitive cycling program and facilitates competitive activities
  • Social Program Coordinator
    Facilitates social gatherings, ensuring they are held regularly
  • Recruitment Coordinator
    Supports the ongoing recruitment of new members
  • Internet Presence Coordinator
    Supports the Internet presence of the club
  • Other officer positions may be created on an ad-hoc basis as deemed necessary to develop the club and support the specific interests of membership.

All officers should expect to work with each other and with other members, and recognize that any given activity is likely to involve input and effort from more than one officer..

Article VI: Meetings

Meetings will be held at least once per term. Regular meeting times will be determined at the first meeting of each term.

Article VII: Election/Selection Process for Leadership

Any club member may run for election to an executive officer position, or volunteer to serve as a program coordinator.

  • Executive Officers are elected once per year at the first meeting in fall term, or as needed in the case of a vacancy, by plurality of votes in a secret ballot of all members.
  • Program Coordinators volunteer for the position, and are appointed by consensus of the Executive Officers.


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