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About Young Constructors Forum

The Construction Leadership Council



The YCF’s success is a combination of dedicated, talented, and unique professionals that are prepared to be on the cutting-edge of the construction industry. Since its inception I have been a witness to the accomplishments of this elite group of fine men and women. As the saying goes, “the acorn does not fall far from the tree,” so the YCF has the wisdom of experience from the AGC plus the innovation of youth.”
-Marco Ferreira, 2005 National YCF Chair


YCF Structure, Purpose and Function


The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) functions as a forum in which anyone can network, socialize, and exchange ideas on issues facing mid-career construction professionals. The CLC is open to all interested members without the need of a formal appointment process. To ensure direction and focus, the CLC has a steering committee, a chair and vice chair. The steering committee membership rotates on a regular three-year basis, taking into account geographic and industry issues.
The CLC Steering Committee meets four times a year including AGC of America’s Annual Convention and Midyear meeting, as well as both the Spring and Fall working weekends.


  • To be an open forum to exchange ideas. 

  • To be an entry vehicle into AGC to promote new member involvement. 

  • To foster a strong network among peers. 

  • To create and promote industry innovation. 

  • To discuss the most important issues and provide feedback to AGC leadership. 

  • To help structure AGC for the future.


TO LEARN MORE about the CLC and its activities,
please contact Shannon Baird at


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