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NKBA -  Reporting/Activity Requirements

Student Chapters are required to hold at least three (3) meetings per year;  these meetings may be in conjunction with a local chapter meeting or may be entirely separate.

Deadline Action
October 1 President will submit roster of officers.
July 1 VP and Treasurer will submit Activity / Financial Report

Each year, when the reporting requirements have been fulfilled, a grant of $200 is awarded.  The funds are released to the Endorsed Program Coordinator (Spencer Hinkle) or their designated representative after 1 January.

Activity Financial Report form (.pdf)


ASPCC Requirements - Club Starter Packet

Clubs must recharter every year and fill out these forms.  A club member should be present at an ASPCC business meeting (Mondays at 3:30 in 3/230) in order to get the club charter on the agenda.


Purchase Reimbursement

As a new club we are entitled to $200 in startup funds.  To receive reimbursement for purchases, a copy of the purchase receipt and a completed reimbursement form must be submitted to Mandy Ellerton (  Purchases under $50 may be reimbursed immediately, anything over $50 must be processed through the business office.

ASPCC Reimbursement form (.pdf)



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