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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1 p.m. - 2:40 p.m.

Library instruction for RD 115 / Ethan Bull (PK)

Instructor's Name: Ethan Bull
Instructor e-mail: ethan.bull@pcc.edu
Instructor's Phone: 971-998-0789
Instructor's Location: Rock Creek
Refer to me as: Ethan
Preferred contact: e-mail
Course no. or title: RD 115
Course CRN: 43904
# of students: 25
ADA provisions needed: no
Preferred Date: 2012-11-14
Alternate Date:
Preferred Time: 1:00 pm
Alternate Time:
Duration: 110
If other:
Do you need time to discuss non-library matters with your class on the day of
library instruction? Yes
If yes please specify: Maybe just 2-3 minutes for attendance & to get them
Assignment description and sample topics:
Students will be working on an information literacy project that will require
them to investigate a narrowed research topic/question of their choice.

These topics may range from social issues (racism in community colleges, gun
rights in Oregon, etc.) to political (the death penalty, presidential race,
tax policy, judicial policy, etc.), cultural (shifting demographics in the
U.S., independent film and tv of the 2000s, etc.) and personal issues.

The assignment requires them to find 5-10 articles (some scholarly, some not
scholarly) that relate to their topic and do both reading and writing tasks
with these articles, so, my hope with this library time is for some
instruction by a librarian about using search databases such as SIRS and
EBSCO and then some supported search time where both the librarian and I roam
helping students find articles.
Students will be able to (check all that apply):
- Develop a search strategy based on their research topics (15 minutes)
- Differentiate between scholarly journals and magazines (15 minutes)
Other notes:
As I mention above, I'd love some instruction and demonstrations about how to
use the easier databases such as SIRS. I want the students to find more
scholarly, longer articles on their topics but not get overwhelmed with
highly technical and sophisticated scholarly works. I imagine the level of
most works they will be able to really understand to be at the "New Yorker,"
"Harpers," "Foreign Affairs," level and not the "Journal of Angular
Mechanics" level, as this is RD 115, but I want them to find things a little
harder than "Time Magazine." I am open to suggestions for what databases to
use for this.

I imagine about 30 minutes of demonstrations about how to search and how to
save, email or print articles they find, and then the rest of the class as
supported independent searching time. I hope that is possible.
Email to RC librarians: pkessing@pcc.edu, robin.shapiro@pcc.edu,

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