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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1 p.m. - 2:50 p.m.

WR 227 Savage

Assignment description and sample topics:
Write a proposal to solve a problem or address an opportunity in your field
or concerning a business issue that interests you.

One thing that makes this assignment different from proposals students write
in other classes (and a key point I have to stress to students) is that they
as a writer have to be able to have a hand in carrying out the task they are
proposing. So a topic in which a student proposes creating nap rooms at PCC
(written from the point of view of ASPCC, who would help to make this happen)
would be appropriate. A topic in which a student proposes Oregon legalize
marijuana or create stricter gun control laws would not. That said, some
students may be writing research proposals (rather than goods and services
proposals), in which they are seeking funding or support to write a paper
making a recommendation or offering a study of something such as the former
issues (a criminal justice student could propose to conduct a supported
research study of gun crimes in Portland, for example).

I'm attaching three documents that will help understand the assignment: the
assignment sheet, some guided writing prompts students will have completed
before our session, and some sketchy general notes about research for this
assignment we will have discussed today. The research for this assignment is
broad - students will need to consider researching stakeholders, audience,
similar situations/context, and the logistics of what they are proposing.
Most students will be using web research more than the library databases,
though trade journals/subject databases could be useful. Advanced google
searching is something you might focus on. Depending on their area of study
(CIS, Engineering, Non-profits, Nursing), their proposals might use very
different resources.

I'll happily pass along some sample topics once students choose them.
Upload class assignment and other relevant documents:
Proposal Guided Writing Prompts.doc:
Formal Assignment Four.Proposal.doc:

What are your learning outcomes for this session?
*Develop a search strategy based on their research topic
*Understand how to find useful sources on the web
*Understand some google search strategies to streamline search/access more
current information
*Be introduced to resources appropriate for technical writing topics - trade
journals, govt. sources, etc.
Other notes: Thank you!

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