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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

CA Native Nations "Who I Am" Workshop a& Film

The “WHO I AM” workshop and discussion group series
will be based on the “Moving Beyond Internalized Oppression” workshop atthe Oregon Students of Color Conference. This five-week series will examineissues related to internalized oppression and resiliency. We will bediscussing the ways in which we choose to identify with the “negative”and how we can take action to begin identifying with the “affirmative.”

We will participate in games and exercises that help us identify with the“affirmative.” Two sessions of the series will be devoted to writing and work-shopping “WHO I AM” poems and filming them. The series will culminate in a viewing of our short film and a group discussion. The first two weeks will be structured in a way so that participants will not need to participate in all sessions and will stand alone with discussion and activity. They will however, build on one another. The final two sessions as well as the film viewing and discussion will necessitate attendance for successful completion. We will be inviting PCC faculty and staff as well as community members to our short film screening.

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Cascade SC 306
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Posted by: Bobbie Truesdell