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Please contact Carrie Peterson if you would like to reserve the library classroom for a different use which does not require a librarian. You may not reserve the room more than one week in advance unless it is for library instruction.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

8:15 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.

Library instruction for WR 122 / Katherine Jackson (SS)

Instructor name: Katherine Jackson
Students refer to me as: Mrs. Jackson, Professor Jackson
Instructor e-mail: katherine.jackson1@pcc.edu
Instructor phone: (503) 684-9503
Instructor location: Rock Creek
Preferred contact: e-mail
Course subject: Writing - WR
Course number: 122
Course CRN: 18047
Number of Students: 26
ADA provisions needed: no
Preferred Date: 2013-02-25
Preferred Time: 8:15 am
Alternate Date:
Alternate Time: 8:00 am
Duration: 75Minutes
Do you need time to discuss non-library matters with your class on the day of
library instruction? No
If yes please specify:
Assignment description and sample topics: !,000 word proposal essay with a
minimum of 4 library sources. Sources from open internet searches not
Upload class assignment and other relevant documents:
What are your learning outcomes for this session?
Demonstrate critical thinking by writing effective arguments which support
and develop one's own argument
Use argument as a means of inquiry as well as persuasion
Identify and define issues at the core of an argument
Analyze the main support of a written argument
Analyze, recognize, and understand elements of style
Independently locate, examine, select, evaluate, and use various sources,
including electronic, library and primary resources
Practice and demonstrate integration skills necessary to research writing,
such as paraphrase and summary, and skills involving selection, editing,
placement and analysis of direct quotation
Demonstrate the ethics of research by identifying and avoiding plagiarism
Consider and practice principles and strategies of internal coherence in

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