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This room is reserved primarily for library instruction. If you would like to collaborate with a librarian for an instruction session, please send your request and a librarian on your campus will contact you.

Please contact Debbi Lomax if you would like to reserve the library classroom for a different use which does not require a librarian. You may not reserve the room more than one week in advance unless it is for library instruction.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

8 a.m. - 9:50 a.m.

WR 121, Blair *rb

nstructor name: Margot Blair
Students refer to me as: Margot, Mrs. Blair, Professor Blair!
Instructor e-mail: margot.blair@pcc.edu
Instructor phone: 503-719-7280
Instructor location: Cascade
Preferred contact: e-mail
Course subject: Writing - WR
Course number: 121
Course CRN: 14438
Number of Students: 23
ADA provisions needed: no
Preferred Date: 2013-02-04
Preferred Time: 8:00 am
Alternate Date: 2013-02-06
Alternate Time: 8:00 am
Duration: 100Minutes
Do you need time to discuss non-library matters with your class on the day of
library instruction? Yes
If yes please specify: The initial 10-15 minutes will be sufficient
Assignment description and sample topics: The students will be working on a
strictly Informative essay. They will have a lot of leeway in terms of
topics, but I will submit their chosen topics to the librarian prior to
meeting in the Library for instruction. They will be instructed not to take
a stance or argue a position, but rather to do solid research (evaluate
sources) in order to gain a deeper understanding PRIOR to taking a stance, or
perhaps better put, in order to take a well informed stance - a collect the
dots in order to connect the dots approach! The class is mixed in terms of
age and experience, some with little to no experience doing research, and
many who are new to PCC and what our library really has to offer.
Upload class assignment and other relevant documents:
What are your learning outcomes for this session? All of the listed above,
plus MLA citations (the magic button for formatting), how to start with a
thesis question, narrowing a topic to make it manageable and more interesting
based on the assigned length of an essay, and of course, some of the benefits
of using actual books. In the past, the librarian doing the instruction
provided handouts that had to so with thesis questions, thesis statements,
and evaluating sources. These were very helpful to many of the students. I
saved copies, and can provide them if needed.
Other notes:
Whatever class time remains after instruction, I would like to allow students
time, while the information is fresh, to employ what they have learned on
their own papers, while there is a librarian present with who to consult.
Doing this makes students more comfortable to seek out librarians in the
future. Though librarian led instruction may not last beyond an hour or so,
the class runs from 8:00 - 9:50 AM, and I would like to be able to use the
room for the entire time.
As always, thanks for all you do.
Email to CA librarians: vscott@pcc.edu, acordle@pcc.edu,
rachel.bridgewater@pcc.edu, marianne.tanner@pcc.edu, leora.troper@pcc.edu

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