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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

6:30 p.m. - 7:50 p.m.

WR 115 Erwert *mt

Assignment description and sample topics:
This is for the 2nd essay which has a research component. Students are
reading Persepolis (Satrapi) and we will look at how the Middle East is portrayed in American media vs. how the Middle East actually is. The Satrapie book is set in Iran and America's view of Iran (fairly and unfairly developed) stands in for a view on Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. when each is a very different place, not to mention ver different from teh typical American view of that place. I'd like to see some factual, historical research for
Afganistan vs. Iran, just to show how they are in fact distinct countries, and then something on the heavily negative lense the Middle-East in general is viewed through in popular media and culture in the USA.

The main focus though is good research skills: what is a good source? How to be critical of sources? Tips for good research in genera for college writing.
We are working up to a compare/contrast essay in which research will show how something is perceived vs. how it actually is (students will pick their thesis or they may develop more this American view of the Middle East vs.what the Middle East is actually like)
Upload class assignment and other relevant documents:
What are your learning outcomes for this session?
1. That students are introduced to college level good research practices,
2. That students see benefits of visiting library.
3. That students see the Middle East is not one culture, one country.
4. That students see the American popular view of the Middle East is largely media/culturally delivered, not always based in fact or fairness.

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