Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Biology (Credit)

BI 101

Anatomy and Physiology

BI 122
Intro Human Anat/Phys II

Business Administration (Credit)

BA 101
Introduction to Business
BA 250
Small Business Management

Careers (Non-Credit)

eBay Series

eBay: The Basics of Selling!
eBay: Advanced Selling
eBay Series

Chemistry (Credit)

CH 151
Preparatory Chemistry

Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) (Credit)

Digital Design and Fabrication

Continuing Education and License Renewal (Non-Credit)

Electrical License Renewal

CEU 3263
Electrical Safety/NFPA 70E
CEU 3516
Oregon Rule and Law for Electricians
CEU 921Z
National Electrical Code Changes
CEU 922C
Grounding and Bonding

Dance (Non-Credit) (Non-Credit)

Street Jazz Dance
90s Throwback Hip Hop Dance

Food and Drink (Non-Credit)

Sourdough Bread Series

Sourdough Baking 1
Sourdough Baking 2
Sourdough Bread Series

Garden, Nature, and Yard (Non-Credit)

Backyard Beekeeping: Beginning

Hobbies and Crafts (Non-Credit)

Knitting and Fiber Crafts

Painting with Paper Pulp

Management and Supervisory Development (Credit)

MSD 101
Prin of Management/Supervision
MSD 113
Influence Without Authority
MSD 122
Motivation w/o Manipulation
MSD 123
Job Search Strategies
MSD 157
Conflict Management
MSD 177B
Coaching Great Performance

Mathematics (Credit)


MTH 60
Introductory Algebra- 1st Term
MTH 65
Introductory Algebra-2nd Term

Medical Professions (Credit)

MP 111
Medical Terminology

Mind-Body Wellness (Non-Credit)

Qigong and Tai Chi

Tai Chi: Beginning
Tai Chi: Continuing


Yoga: Level 1

Music and Theater (Non-Credit)


Acting Inside/Out


Singing For the Vocally Challenged

Personal Development (Non-Credit)

Present with Confidence and Compassion

Psychology (Credit)

PSY 101
Psychology and Human Relations

Traffic Safety (Non-Credit)

Driver Education

Driver Education PCC: Teen
Driver Education PCC: Adult

Visual Arts (Non-Credit)


Ceramics: All Levels
SE Campus Studio Hours: Hand Building
SE Campus Studio Hours: Wheel Throwing


Drawing Freehand Perspective
The Analog Selfie

Drawing: Comics

Comics Workshop

Mixed Media

Mosaic Art Workshop

Writing (Non-Credit) (Non-Credit)


Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing

Writing (Credit)

Transfer Writing Courses

WR 121
English Composition