Pain Free Body

Pain Free Body: Foot Focus
Pain Free Body: Jaw, Face and Head Focus
Pain Free Body: At-the-Office Focus

Naturopathic Medicine: Naturally Healthy Living Series

Classes are taught by a Naturopathic Physician who brings a unique background of clinical experience, research, environmental health and over twenty years of teaching to the classroom. Each class will involve interactive activities, lively discussions and examples students can relate to and understand. Students will leave with a better understanding of what steps they can take to optimize their health everyday.

Naturopathic Medicine: Naturally Healthy Living Series
Naturopathic Medicine and Optimal Wellness
Environmental Effects on Health
Colds, Flus and Respiratory Ailments
Naturopathic First Aid
Inflammation, Chronic Illness and Cancer Prevention
Brain Integration, Physical Medicine and Energy Balancing

Naturopathic Medicine: Sampler

Led by a Naturopathic Doctor, reviewing traditional and evidence-based Natural Medicine. Learn practical ways to use Natural Medicine in your life.

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

Meditation: Buddhist Psychology 101
Meditation: Our Inner Creator-Understanding the Mind
Meditation: Healing Family Relationships
Ecstatic Dance: Meditation in Motion

Wellness and Prevention

Basic Shamanism
Pain Free Body Techniques: Full-Body Stress Relief