Paraeducator and Teacher Relicensing

Teachers may register for courses listed below. Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) may accept classes numbering 101 or above for teacher re-licensing. Please call TSPC at 503-378-3586 to determine your specific requirements.

ED 100
Introduction to Education
ED 102
Displays/Graphics for Educator
ED 123
Instruct. Strategies: Reading
ED 224
Foundations of Education
ED 251
Overview Exceptional Learner
ED 252
Behavior Management
ED 259
Multicultural Ed: Applications
ED 270
Practicum I
ED 271
Practicum II
ED 272
Practicum III
ED 290
Sheltered Instruction for ELLs

Library Assistant and Teacher Relicensing

ED 102
Displays/Graphics for Educator
ED 112
Intro to Children's Literature
ED 113
Intro Library/Info Services
ED 134
Library Technology I
ED 209
Library Practicum I
ED 210
Library Practicum II
ED 224
Foundations of Education
ED 232
Lib. Outreach/Diverse Comm.

NW Outdoor Science School - NWRESD

Spend one week at Outdoor School as a counselor. Working alongside high school-aged counselors, you will live in a cabin with elementary students and instruct them about natural sciences in an outdoor setting. Participants attend a three-hour training before the Outdoor School session. Then, commit to a one-week practicum experience at an Outdoor School campsite between September 21st and November 7th. The on-site practicum includes a full day of training and ongoing support. You will write a reflective paper upon completion of the practicum. On-site locations are camps Cedar Ridge, Magruder, Trickle Creek, and Westwind. Contact Chad Stewart at 503-614-1403 or for information about the training location/date and the full spring schedule for all camps.

ED 214
Practicum: Outdoor School

Outdoor School - Multnomah ESD

Gain training & experience in instruction & supervision of 6th graders w/special needs in an outdoor school setting. Spend a week between September 28th & November 7th, counseling at Outdoor School. Call 503-257-1600 for a registration card & register with PCC. Attend a training on Saturday, September 27 at the MESD, Auditorium, 11611 NE Ainsworth Circle. Write a paper highlighting the experience & send it to Kitty Boryer at the Mult. ESD. The 3 sites used by MESD are Arrah Wanna, Howard, & Sandy River. For further information call Kitty at 503-257-1607.

ED 214
Practicum: Outdoor School