Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The Zoo Animal Management professional is knowledgeable and skilled in providing high quality daily care of captive populations of exotic animals, managing sustainable populations, maintaining animal exhibits/enclosures, providing effective interpretive programming to visitors, and participating in conservation programs. Graduates are prepared to serve the zoological community in a variety of capacities, including: zookeeper/aquarist, animal trainer, zoo educator, animal presenter/outreach, wildlife rehabilitator, registrar, and laboratory animal technician. Students have the opportunity to work closely with a wide diversity of animals at the Oregon Zoo and the Oregon National Primate Research Center.

The Biology and Management of Zoo Animals Program is a seven term, full-time limited-entry program with restricted enrollment. For the current advising guide and program application, when available, please visit www.pcc.edu/zoo-animals.

BMZA 255
Wildlife Education Mgmt
BMZA 260
Exhibit Design
BMZA 270
Zool Professional Develop Sem
Co-op Ed: Zoological Specialty