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Management and Supervisory Development

Campus Contacts

Management and Supervisory Development offers a comprehensive program designed for adults desiring to increase their personal and professional skills and knowledge and or to continue private or public sector managerial/supervisory careers. Please call the Management and Supervisory Development Department for information on any of the MSD classes listed below at 971-722-6146 or 971-722-6148. Visit our web site at www.pcc.edu/programs/management-training

MSD 101
Prin of Management/Supervision
MSD 105
Workplace Communication Skills
MSD 107
Organizations & People
MSD 111
Workplace Correspondence
MSD 117
Customer Relations
MSD 121
Leadership Skill Development
MSD 130
Creative Problem Solving
MSD 200
Organizations & Social Resp
MSD 223
HR Mgt: Perform & Compen
MSD 279
Project Management - Intro
MSD 162
Angry Feel & Angry People
MSD 177B
Coaching Great Performance
MSD 157
Conflict Management
MSD 116
Creative Think/Innovati Change
MSD 151
Working with Difficult People
MSD 110
Gender Conflict Resolution
MSD 180A
Goal Setting and Productivity
MSD 123
Job Search Strategies
MSD 138A
Male/Female Communication Diff
MSD 176
Nonverbal Communication
MSD 159
Stress Control
MSD 177
Team Building
MSD 142B
Thriving in Transition
MSD 174
Time Management
MSD 141A
The Time-Stress-Comm Triangle

Cooperative Education

Please call the department at 971-722-6146 before registering for classes. Please register for both the three credit and the one credit co-op classes.