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Emergency Dispatch Services

Campus Contacts

This program uses Metropolitan area dispatch centers for class assignments or career field observations, and works in cooperation with employers to recruit qualified candidates. This is a two track program. Track one focuses on 9-1-1 dispatch. Track two focuses on general dispatch for services such as transportation, medical, or alarm companies.

If you are interested in this program, please contact the ETC program office at 971-722-5424, or visit us online: www.pcc.edu/911. Some courses required for an ETC certificate will have an EM course number, these courses will only be listed under Emergency Management in the catalog and schedule.

ETC 104
Emergency Telecomm-Call Taking
ETC 111
Com Cen Ops- Intermediate
ETC 124
Radio Comm Lab
ETC 202
EMD Overview

Cooperative Education

ETC 280A
CE: Emergency TeleCom