Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Calligraphy: All Levels
Bookbinding: Bench Skills
Elements + Principles of Design

Architectural and Art History

Exploring Contemporary Art in Portland Galleries
Gothic Revival Church Design and its Relatives in Portland
Art History Studio - Bauhaus
Art Through The Ages


First class is mandatory for all new and returning students. Open studio hours commence the first Saturday of the term.

Ceramics: Beginning
Ceramics: Beginning and Intermediate
Ceramics Intermediate: Throwing and Hand Building
Ceramics: All Levels
Ceramics: Hand Building
SE Campus Studio Hours: Hand Building
SE Campus Studio Hours: Wheel Throwing
Ceramics Intermediate: Explorations with the Kick Wheel
Ceramics: From Wheel to Table


Drawing: Beginning
Basic Drawing One-Day Workshop
Drawing for the Timid but Hopeful
So You Think You Can't Draw
Drawing at Portland Art Museum
Drawing With Colored Pencil and Watercolor Pencil
Drawing Freehand Perspective
The Analog Selfie
Drawing Introduction
Drawing With Color Media

Drawing: Comics

Cartooning and Comix
Comics Workshop
Beginning Comics


Stained Glass Copper Foil
Enameling: Beginning
Glass Fusing: Beginning
Mosaics the Stained Glass Way


Jewelry: Beginning Metalwork 1
Jewelry: Beginning Metalwork 2
Jewelry: Metalwork 3

Mixed Media

Mixed Media Assemblages
Paper Collage Portraiture
Narrative Art
Mosaic Art Workshop
Altered Books and Art Journals


Chinese Brush Painting
Dynamic Abstract Painting
Land and Sea Painting
Painting Food
Creative Breakthroughs

Painting: Acrylics and Oils

Acrylics Are Easy
Acrylics Artists Group
Classical Oil Painting Studio
Painting: Acrylics and Oils

Painting: Watercolor

Watercolor: Beginning and Intermediate
Mastering Watercolors