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Computer Applications and Office Systems

Campus Contacts

Office Systems

OS 131
10-key on Calculators
OS 280F
CE: Administrative Assistant
OS 280G
CE: Administrative Asst Sem

Computer Fundamentals

CAS 103
Introduction to Windows
CAS 133
Basic Computer Skill/MS Office

Internet and Web

CAS 101
Intro to Website Devel & Desig
CAS 104
Basic Internet Skills
CAS 106
Introduction to HTML
CAS 110
Intro to Web Graphic-Fireworks
CAS 111D
Begin Website: Dreamweaver
CAS 151
Microsoft Outlook
CAS 175
Introduction to Flash
CAS 180
Search Engine Optimization-SEO
CAS 181J
CMS Website Creation: Joomla
CAS 181W
CMS Website Creation:WordPress
CAS 206
Principles of HTML
CAS 208
Begin. Photoshop for the Web
CAS 213
JavaScript JQuery Designers
CAS 215
Cascading Style Sheets - CSS
CAS 222
Intermediate Website Creation

Computerized Keyboarding

CAS 121
Beginning Keyboarding
CAS 121A
Beginning Keyboarding
CAS 122
Keyboarding for Speed/Accuracy
CAS 123
Production Keyboarding

Spreadsheets and Database

For computerized accounting software see BA 228.

CAS 140
Beginning Access
CAS 170
Beginning Excel
CAS 171
Intermediate Excel

Word Processing

CAS 216
Beginning Word
CAS 216A
Beginning Word
CAS 217
Intermediate Word

Desktop Publishing and Graphics

CAS 109
Beginning PowerPoint
CAS 231
CAS 232
Desktop Publishing: InDesign

Software Integration

Project Management

Cooperative Education

CAS 280W
CE: WebSite Development