Paraeducator and Teacher Relicensing

Teachers may register for courses listed below. Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) may accept classes numbering 101 or above for teacher re-licensing. Please call TSPC at 503-378-3586 to determine your specific requirements.

ED 100
Introduction to Education
ED 131
Applied Learning Theory
ED 136
Learning with Technology
ED 217
Classroom Management
ED 224
Foundations of Education
ED 258
Multicultural Educ: Principles
ED 268
Intro Developmental Disabiliti
ED 269
Teach Lrning Disabled Student
ED 270
Practicum I
ED 271
Practicum II
ED 272
Practicum III

Library Assistant and Teacher Relicensing

ED 112
Intro to Children's Literature
ED 118
Cust Serv & Comm in Libraries
ED 119
Library Access Services
ED 122
Library Technical Services
ED 136
Learning with Technology
ED 209
Library Practicum I
ED 210
Library Practicum II
ED 211
Library Practicum III
ED 224
Foundations of Education

NW Outdoor Science School - NWRESD

Spend one week at Outdoor School as a counselor. Working alongside high school-aged counselors, you will live in a cabin with elementary students and instruct them about natural sciences in an outdoor setting. Participants attend a three-hour training before the Outdoor School session. Then, commit to a one-week practicum experience at an Outdoor School campsite between September 21st and November 7th. The on-site practicum includes a full day of training and ongoing support. You will write a reflective paper upon completion of the practicum. On-site locations are camps Cedar Ridge, Magruder, Trickle Creek, and Westwind. Contact Chad Stewart at 503-614-1403 or for information about the training location/date and the full spring schedule for all camps.

Outdoor School - Multnomah ESD

Gain training & experience in instruction & supervision of 6th graders w/special needs in an outdoor school setting. Spend a week between September 28th & November 7th, counseling at Outdoor School. Call 503-257-1600 for a registration card & register with PCC. Attend a training on Saturday, September 27 at the MESD, Auditorium, 11611 NE Ainsworth Circle. Write a paper highlighting the experience & send it to Kitty Boryer at the Mult. ESD. The 3 sites used by MESD are Arrah Wanna, Howard, & Sandy River. For further information call Kitty at 503-257-1607.