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The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides training and educational programs for business owners. For information, visit our website at www.bizcenter.org or contact the SBDC at 971-722-5080.

How to Work with the Oregon SBDC PCC

Start your entrepreneurial journey at our website: www.BizCenter.org/PCC, and you are on your way!

The first step on your path: attending our Introduction to SBDC Orientation.

Our Intro to SBDC Orientation is designed to quickly and succinctly give you the information you need to know to access our many services. You'll hear about what we do, what we offer, what you can expect of us, and what we'll expect of you. We will help you assess your level of readiness and direct you toward the services available that meet you where you are so you can hit the ground running. After hearing the information you can decide which of our services can best serve you and your business needs.

Reserve your seat in an upcoming session by registering at our website:


Introduction to SBDC Orientation and Business Advising


Don't have a business idea yet? That's OK. We'll help you find a business idea that capitalizes on your interests, skills, and experiences. Then, we'll help you determine which business concept is best for you to move forward with and start nurturing.

Business Design Series (BDS)
Getting Your Recipe to Market (GYRM)

The START-UP Stage

Is your business established, but making little or no money?

Our start-up programs for new businesses are designed to help you achieve your start-up business goals at the pace at which you are ready to embark. Whether you are on a fast track or want to take it slow, our Start-Up Stage programs will fit your life's schedule. With class work, one-on-one advising and peer mentorship, you will learn the skills essential to building a solid business foundation to get your venture started in the right direction toward success.

Restaurant Business Builders
Retail Business Builders
Small Business Builders Program
ENCORE Business Builders


Do you have regular customers and steady income, but are experiencing some chaos due to a lack of systems?

Our Pre-Growth Stage programs are designed to help you build a solid foundation to grow your new business upon.

Keys to Solo Business Success - Entrepreneur Skills Series

The GROWTH Stage

Have you developed an attractive business concept and have employees to sell and deliver it?

Our innovative programs for established businesses are designed to help you achieve your business goals through improved management, organization and operation skills. Through class work, one-on-one long-term advising, and peer mentorship you will learn how to develop, maintain, and use effective marketing and management tools, and how to understand and use your financial data.

Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Exam Prep


Is you business functioning well and you have a competent managment team in place? Wonderful. What's next?

When you are ready to expand your business by adding a location, employees or equipment, or re-invent with additional products or services, our advanced business management programs are designed to help you achieve your business goals. Through class work, one-on-one long-term advising, and peer mentorship you will learn how to implement a plan for sound growth and expansion, and how to understand and use your financial data to maximize your growth potential.

Global Trade Managment


Where do you turn for assistance when the market changes, leading employees leave, or owners exit the business?

At the Oregon SBDC, you are never alone in your business. Leverage the power of a peer network. Our cohort learning model connects you with peers going through the same struggles you are. You'll form powerful bonds and work together to solve problems while you each build your own business. Plus you'll meet with an advisor to help you develop an action plan for your business, focus on growth strategies, work through current challenges, and step back to get an objective view of your business.


For those doing business in the Global Marketplace or wishing to expand into new markets.

Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Exam Prep
Global Trade Managment

Certification Training

Our Certification Trainings provide you with the education required prior to becoming certified, or in maintaining your certification by obtaining CEU credit hours, in specific segments of small business ownership.

Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Exam Prep
CCB Contractor Licensing Education - Live Class
CCB Contractor Licensing Education - Home Study

Online Learning

No longer do you have to leave your home to get the education and information you need to further your business knowledge and skills. Our online learning programs provide you with the information you want on your schedule.