Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

New Student Advising: Voicemail 971-722-4130

Current Student Advising: Russ Jones 971-722-4173   

Automobile Donation Information: Bart Ouchida 971-722-4884

Automobile Repair Concerns: Brent Fuller 971-722-4901

This program is offered on a modular basis. Each module runs three weeks. Students attend class five hours a day, Monday through Friday. All new students are required to meet with a program advisor. All classes require department permission.

Module 1 Sept 21 - Oct 13

AM 100
Intro to Automotive Systems
AM 151
Undercar Systems I
AM 163
Electrical Systems III
AM 181
Engine Performance I
AM 131
Drive Train Systems I
AM 201
Auto Shop Lab I

Module 2 Oct 15 - Nov 9

AM 161
Electrical Systems I
AM 141
Undercar Systems II
AM 111
Engine Repair
AM 182
Engine Performance II
AM 121
Drive Train Systems II
AM 202
Auto Shop Lab II

Module 3 Nov 12 - Dec 8

AM 162
Electrical Systems II
AM 142
Undercar Systems III
AM 171
Heating & Air Conditioning Sys
AM 183
Engine Performance III
AM 132
Drive Train Systems III
AM 203
Auto Shop Lab III

Cooperative Education

AM 280A
CE: Automotive Service