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Adult Basic Education / GED

Campus Contacts

For general information or info about Spanish GED, call 971-722-6255. Spanish GED: www.pcc.edu/resources/spanish-ged

ABE (Adult Basic Education) classes offer instruction for adults who wish to improve skills in reading, math, and writing, or wish to prepare for the State GED (General Education Development) Exam. If you do not want preparation classes and only want to take the State GED Exam, call the PCC Testing Center at 971-722-5680 for information.

New students must attend a Placement Session before attending class. The placement session schedules are listed below by campus. New students must fill out an Admissions Application online at www.pcc.edu/admissions. PCC will email your PCC student ID number. Bring picture ID and your ID number to the testing session.

ABE classes are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening. However, not every class is available at every site and time. Assignment to classes will be made at the Placement Session according to the students' schedules and levels.

Special Needs

If English is not your native language, you must show adequate English listening and speaking skills for working in the classroom.

If you have a disability and need special assistance (such as sign language interpreter, a reader, or a writer) in order to participate in the ABE placement session, please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (971-722-4341) at least two weeks before the session is held.

Students who are 16 or 17 years old must take a copy of their written high school release to the placement session.


1. New students must apply online (www.pcc.edu/admissions) or at a campus business office prior to attending a Placement Session. Take PCC ID number to the placement session.

2. ABE classes are $9.20 per hour, plus the tech fee. For example, if a class meets 6 hours a week, the charge is $55.20 plus a tech fee of $5 for the term.

3. You are responsible for your bill whether you attend or don't attend classes. Check your account on MyPCC Pay.

4. New Students: return fee waiver and documentation to the ABE Department or your instructor on the first day of the term.

5. Continuing Students: Economic fee waivers are available from your instructor for the next term.

6. Late fee waivers or fee waivers with incorrect documentation are not accepted.

7. Fees are NOT refundable after the first week of the term.

8. Parking permits are required for campus sites. All-day, evening, annual, or rideshare permits may be purchased in the PCC Business Office.

Cascade (705 N. Killingsworth) 971-722-5747

No appointment needed, but arrive 15 minutes early with your PCC ID number. Placement sessions:

No sessions are scheduled yet. Call 971-722-5747 for information.

Cascade Class Schedule:

M-W Math 2 & Science 12PM-2:50PM TH 210 Gibson-Boles

Tu-Th Math 2 & Science 9AM-11:50AM TH 210 Gibson-Boles

Tu-Th Math 2 & Science 6PM-8:50PM TH 210 Schindler

Tu-Th Fundamentals of Math 9AM-10:50AM TH 211 Armstrong

Tu-Th Fundamentals of Math 1PM-2:50PM TH 211 Johansen

M-W Reading levels 3-4 2:30PM-4:20PM TH 211 Glessing

M-W Writing levels 3-4 12:30PM-2:20PM TH 211 Glessing

Tu-Th Foundations of Math I 6PM-7:50PM TH 212 Johansen

M-W Intermediate RD/WR 9AM-11:50AM TH 211 Osborne

M-W Intermediate RD/WR 6PM-8:50PM TH 211 Newton

M-W Adv Integrated RD/WR 9AM-11:50AM TH 210 Boehnke

M-W Adv Integrated RD/WR 6PM-8:50PM TH 210 Osborne

Tu-Th Adv Integrated RD/WR 12PM-2:50PM TH 210 Armstrong

Hillsboro Center (775 SE Baseline St, Hillsboro)

Must attend a placement session at Rock Creek Campus (see schedule below)

Hillsboro Center Class Schedule:

Mon-Wed Levels 1-2-3 10:30-12:20 HC 105 TBA

Tu-Th Levels 4-5-6 10:30-12:20 HC 105 Planchart

Rock Creek (17705 NW Springville Rd.) 971-722-7179

New students planning to attend classes at Rock Creek Campus or Willow Creek Center must attend an Orientation and Placement Session at the Rock Creek Campus in the Student Learning Center (BLDG2 Room 203). No appointment needed. Complete an Admission Application online at www.pcc.edu/admissions in advance. Arrive 30 minutes early with your PCC student ID number. Placement Sessions:

Mon Nov 10 at 5:00PM to 8:30PM in BLDG2 203

Wed Nov 12 at 2:00PM to 5:30 PM in BLDG2 254

Mon Nov 24 at 5:00PM to 8:30PM in BLDG2 203

Wed Dec 10 at 10:00AM to 1:30PM in BLDG2 203

Thurs Dec 11 at 5:00PM to 8:30PM in BLDG2 203

Tues Dec 16 at 2:00PM to 5:30 PM in BLDG2 203

Wed Dec 17 at 5:00PM to 8:30PM in BLDG2 203

Tues Dec 30 at 10:00AM to 1:30PM in BLDG2 203

For additional information, contact Rosa Escobedo at 971-722-7179

Rock Creek Class Schedule:

Tu-Th Levels 4-5-6 9:00-11:20 BLDG2 224 Hunter-Bernstein

Mon-Wed Levels 4-5-6 9:00-11:50 BLDG2 225 DePaolis

Tu-Th Levels 4-5-6 1:00-3:50 BLDG2 2245 McCoy

Mon-Wed Levels 1-2-3 9:00-10:50 BLDG2 225 Fisher

Mon-Wed Levels 1-2-3 1:00-2:50 BLDG2 225 McCoy

Tu-Th Levels 4-5-6 1:00-3:20 BLDG2 224 Hunter-Bernstein

Tu-Th Levels 3-4 3:00-4:20 BLDG2 224 Marre

Mon-Wed Levels 1-2-3 5:30-7:20 BLDG2 224 Corbin

Mon-Wed Levels 4-5-6 11:00-12:50 BLDG2 225 Bernstein/McCoy

Southeast Campus (2305 SE 82nd) 971-722-6255

Placement Sessions: no appointment needed:

Call 971-722-6255 for information.

Southeast Class Schedule:

Tu-Th Math 1-2-3 9AM-10:50AM SCOTT 200 Kaady

Tu-Th Math 1-2-3 1PM-2:50PM SCOTT 200 Kaady

Tu-Th Math 1-2-3 6PM-7:50PM SCOTT 200 Kaady

M-W RD 3-4 8AM-9:50AM SCOTT 206 Czerski

M-W WR 3-4 10AM-11:50AM SCOTT 206 Czerski

Tu-Th Math 2 Levels 3-4 9AM-11:50AM SCOTT 206 Reiser

M-W RD 3-4 6PM-7:50PM SCOTT 201 Higgins

M-W WR 3-4 8PM-9:50PM SCOTT 201 Higgins

M-W RD/WR 4-5-6 9AM-11:50AM SCOTT 200 Pursell

Fri CCA 2 Levels 4-5-6 9AM-11:50AM SCOM 202 Loanzon

Tu-Th Math 4-5-6 9AM-10:50AM SCOTT 207 Loanzon

M-W RD/WR 4-5-6 9AM-11:50AM SCOTT 206 Novinger

Tu-Th Math/Science 4-5-6 9AM-11:50AM SCOTT 201 Loanzon

M-W RD/WR 4-5-6 1PM-3:50PM SCOTT 200 Czerski

Tu-Th Math/Science 4-5-6 1PM-3:50PM SCOTT 201 Loanzon

M-W RD/WR 4-5-6 6PM-8:50PM SCOTT 200 Adajian

Tu-Th Science Levels 4-5-6 8PM-8:50PM SCOTT 202 Kaady

Tu-Th Math/Science 4-5-6 6PM-8:50PM SCOTT 201 Daugherty

Sylvania (12000 SW 49th)

New Students planning to attend classes at Sylvania Campus must attend an Orientation and Placement Session at the Sylvania Campus. Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring your PCC ID number. For more information contact Charlene Hansen at 971-722-4463.

Fall Term Placement Sessions: No Appointment Needed:

Thur Nov 20, 2014 at 6:00PM-9:30PM in CC 216

Thur Dec 4, 2014 at 9:00AM-12:30PM in CC 216

Wed Dec 10, 2014 at 9:00AM-12:30PM in CC 216

Wed Dec 17, 2014 at 9:00AM-12:30PM in SS 123B

Mon Dec 29, 2014 at 6:00PM-9:30PM in SS 123B

Wed Jan 7, 2015 at 9:00AM-1:00PM in CC 216

Please contact Charlene Hansen at 971-722-4463 for more testing dates.

Sylvania Class Schedule:

M-Tu-W-Th 8:10AM-11:20AM SS123 Gullish (Starts Jan 12)

M-Tu-W-Th 8:30AM-11:20AM SS123B Urbina

M-Tu-W-Th 1:00PM-3:50PM SS123B McGhee

M-Tu-W-Th 6:00PM-8:50PM SS123B Palmer

M-W Fundamentals of Reading 8:30AM-10:20AM SS123A Trybom

M-W Fundamentals of Writing 10:30AM-12:20AM SS123A Trybom

Tu-Th Fundamentals of Writing 8:30AM-10:20AM SS123A Trybom

Tu-Th Fundamentals of Math 1:30PM-3:20PM SS123 Slaven

Willow Creek Center - 241 SW Edgeway Dr. (185th & Baseline)

Must attend a placement session at Rock Creek Campus (see schedule above).

Willow Creek Center Class Schedule:

Tu-Th Levels 4-5-6 5:30-8:20 WCC 223 Corbin

Mon-Wed Levels 5-6 5:30-8:20 WCC 223 DePaolis

Mon-Wed Levels 3-4 1:00-2:20 WCC 223 Novinger

Mon-Wed Levels 3-4 2:30-3:50 WCC 223 Novinger

Forest Grove High School (1401 Nichols Lane, Forest Grove)

New students planning to attend ABE/GED classes at Forest Grove High School must attend one of the following placement sessions. No appointment needed. Placement Sessions:

Forest Grove High School ABE Class Schedule:

Mon Levels 3-4-5-6 6:00-8:00 FGHS Planchart

Tu-Th Levels 3-4-5-6 6:00-9:00 FGHS Planchart

GED Online, call 971-722-6255

Web Distance Learning: Online classes

Is Online Learning Right For You? https://drive.google.com/a/pcc.edu/file/d/0B0QIs0gugNkKUEVPV3htNUlFUlFjUHYybUhwWTNWdDZNZnNr/view (You may need to copy and paste the link in your browser window.)

WEB Distance Learning Online Class: Math & Science 15031
WEB Distance Learning: Online Class: RD/WR/SS 13253