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CLIMB's 4-term Nutritional Therapy program provides a solid foundation in whole food nutrition and the role of nutrients in food and supplements toward optimal health and wellbeing. Terminology, methods, and procedures will be applied in all sessions within the study of diet, nutrient intake/deficiency and body typing. Courses will pursue understanding and relevance in health maintenance, acute and chronic conditions, compliance & the ability of individuals to make behavioral change. Subject matter includes: assessment; physical health and fitness; western nutrition; Ayurvedics; traditional Chinese medicine; pathophysiology and endocrinology; TPN protocols and maximizing adjunct health care providers; business practice/ ethics; nutritional research & resources; buying, cooking, and storing food. Each weekend course is a Saturday-Sunday offering, totaling 16 contact hrs each. Additional study is required to accomplish program goals and objectives. Participants may begin any term. Individual weekends can be taken for professional CEU credit.

CEU 3143
Nutrition: Anatomy & Physiology Online
CEU 3222
Nutritional Research and Resources Online
CEU 3223
Nutritional Supplementation Online
CEU 3219
Nutritional Therapy Summer Term Online
CEU 3221
Nutritional: Business Practice, Ethics & Counseling Online

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