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Health Care-Medical Interpreting (CLIMB CEU)

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PCC's Health Care Interpreter Training Program is completed in one term and offers 120 hours of the general principles of interpreting, ethics, telephonic and video interpreting, linguistics, medical/dental terminology, anatomy and physiology, cultural awareness and competency, mental health and business practices. Students who successfully complete the course are then prepared to take the National Certification/Qualification Exam allowing them to work in health care settings requiring certified or qualified interpreters. Course is designed for individuals who are already bilingual or multilingual. A background in health care is not required, but fluency in both languages is required. The program is offered in a live, virtual classroom which means that you can speak with fellow students, talk with your instructor and see the presentation materials. Students must have the minimum system requirements: 20 MB free disk space; soundcard with speakers and microphone or headset 28.8 Kbps AND Internet connection (not dial up). Prerequisite: successfully pass language test at local language company, cost $90. Classes meet at specific times and dates.

The class list for this term is not yet available.