Faculty Department Chair: Jan Abushakrah

Telephone: 971 722-4077

Email: jabushak@pcc.edu

Optional Gerontology Program Term Orientation Monday January 6th from 5:00PM to 7:00PM in SS 114 (Sylvania Campus).

GRN 165
Activity Director Training
GRN 166
Therapeutic Horticulture
GRN 172
Adult Care Home Training
GRN 175
The Aging Mind
GRN 181
Exploring the Field of Aging
GRN 233
Supporting End of Life
GRN 235
Intro Dementia Care
GRN 236
Dementia Care Practice
GRN 237
End of Life Therapies
GRN 240
Care and Service Coordination
GRN 245
Guardianship Introduction
GRN 265
Activity Professional Training
GRN 266
Activity Prof Training 2
GRN 270
Therapeutic Hort Programming
GRN 280A
CE: Gerontology Internship
GRN 280B
Gerontology Internship Seminar
GRN 282
Gerontology Prof Seminar