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College Transfer Elective Courses

CG 100
College Survival and Success
CG 105
Scholarships: $$ for College
CG 111A
Study Skills for Coll Learning
CG 114
Financial Survival
CG 130
Today's Careers
CG 130H
Intro Today's Careers: Health
CG 140A
Career and Life Planning
CG 191
Exploring Identity & Diversity
CG 209
Job Finding Skills
CG 225
Trans to a Four Year College

Panther Tracks: Your First Year Experience

Get on the right track; get money for next term! College is an investment of both time and resources, so learn how to do it right! CG101, College Survival and Success, helps students build skills that are necessary for success in college and in life. First-year students who complete CG101 with a grade equivalent to C or higher will be eligible one time to receive a one-credit tuition voucher good for the next term!

The voucher, equivalent in value to one-credit at the current in-district tuition rate, will be automatically applied to the term immediately following the completion of CG101 course. Eligible students who complete CG101 during spring term will have the option to use the voucher the following fall term. No other exceptions apply. Vouchers are non-transferrable and may not be redeemed for cash or as payment for past due charges.

CG 101
Col.Surv & Success: Pers. Resp

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