Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Faculty Department Chair: Jan Abushakrah

Telephone: 971 722-4077

Email: jabushak@pcc.edu

GRN 175
The Aging Mind
GRN 176
Cognitive Activity Design
GRN 177
Arts & Cog Activity Design
GRN 181
Exploring the Field of Aging
GRN 235
Intro Dementia Care
GRN 236
Dementia Care Practice
GRN 265
Activity Certification 1
GRN 266
Activity Certification 2
GRN 273
Interior Plants
GRN 280A
CE: Gerontology Internship
GRN 280B
Gerontology Internship Seminar
GRN 282
Gerontology Prof Seminar

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