Examines management techniques, methods and strategies for helping managers, aspiring managers and staff professionals develop their own unique managerial style. Includes improving individual effectiveness, developing interpersonal relationships, functions of working groups, multi-cultural relations, productivity and quality at the organizational level. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide ).


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CRN 20586

From the Instructor:
Welcome to the class! I graduated (with a BS) from the University of Oregon back when the Earth cooled, came back to Portland (which I then thought was an overgrown cow town) for a couple of years, then spent the Decade of Disco (the 1970's) in the New York City Metro area when there were flea markets and peep shows in Times Square and dead people on the subways. NYC in those grim days had, at times, the appearance of scenes from the dystopian film, Escape from New York. When I hear a disco tune on the radio I'm reminded of the view of the backlit Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway at sunset as I headed west to teach my night classes in Brooklyn Heights. While in graduate school I taught at colleges in Brooklyn and Long Island, and worked as a free lance researcher, trolling the great libraries of NYC for client information before the Internet age. After working with online computerized databases (such as Lockheed, Dialog and MEDLARS) in the early 1970's I knew that online teaching would be possible well within the course of my lifetime, and would move into the field at my earliest opportunity. My first Web based class went live in 1998, the first of the dozen or so courses I have written for the Web since then. I've been teaching only online classes at PCC and elsewhere for the past 17 years and have been able to travel the world because of the flexibility online classes offer. I am no longer a 'Road Scholar' teaching college classes at scattered locations around the Portland Metro area. I can work from home, and I put almost as many miles on my bike as I do my car. I can be camped with my laptop in the Oregon Cascades, or be on the move in the Australian Outback and find a guy in a trailer on a cattle station who offers Internet access, and run my classes from my laptop while gazing at termite mounds and kangaroos. Or I can be in Barcelona and walk down the Rambla, find an Internet cafe and take care of business for the day in air conditioned comfort. And I can bring a management class to people anywhere there's Internet service, which I think is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to working with all of you. Michael
Course Specific Requirements:
The focus of this course is on understanding the relationship between people and their work. We will be covering some of the following areas in this class: Defining and measuring individual and group effectiveness in the workplace. Understanding the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and their effects on organizational effectiveness and productivity. Multicultural relations in the workplace and their impact on individuals, workgroups and the organization. Understanding and implementing incentives to retain and motivate employees. Leadership as social influence: the sources and limits of power in organizations. For many of you, taking an online course will be a new experience. Missing will be the usual pattern of interpersonal communication, rich in non-verbal cues, which takes place in the traditional classroom. To make this course succeed for you, it is imperative that you communicate to me and to others in the class on a regular and timely basis using the tools available in the Desire 2 Learn tool suite. I can be reached at 503-788-6146; my email address is michael.swett@pcc.edu. A measure of success for this course will be the ongoing quality and quantity (or frequency and intensity) of communication between members of the class. My objective is to serve not only as a source of information, as I would in a traditional classroom, but also as a catalyst for your acquisition of new knowledge. My role as your mentor for this class is to kindle a 'virtual' teaching community that will be devoted to exploring the relationship of the individual to others in the workplace. I see students not as vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lighted.
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WEB » 20586 - 30-Mar-2015 thru 13-Jun-2015
Instructor: Michael S Swett
Notes: 971-722-6146. $20 fee.
Tuition: credit Fees: $20.00
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