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Learn the top ten things you must do before putting your house on the market. Home inspector and general contractor John Mitchell shows you how to gain full home value and sell quickly. 

Selling your home, for some, is stressful and difficult. Occasionally years of inattention and acquiring "things," are obstacles in selling your home quickly and at a fair price. Living in a home for decades and selling that home can pull at emotional and memory tapestries embedded in our lives. Let's face it, when we live in a home, we sometimes are not aware of the overflowing closets, garages that no longer protect cars because they are now used for storage, cabinets, drawers and attics that amass items we have not seen in decades. These items are often accompanied by emotional sensations attached to your life timeline. John will help you understand these wedges, share solutions, and help you emotionally and physically actually enjoy the experience of preparing and selling your home faster and at a better price. Do not miss this class if you are thinking or are in the process of selling your home. We recommend that you take the Home Inspection and Maintenance class offered this same week. I look forward to meeting you this summer, John Mitchell.

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CRN Campus / Bldg / Rm Time Days Dates
34031 Willow Creek Center / WCC / 225 06:00 PM-08:20 PM Th 28-Jul-2016 thru 28-Jul-2016
Instructor: John L Mitchell
Tuition: $29.00 Fees: $0.00