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Covers all aspects of creating an office for a virtual specialist. Includes developing an individual business plan, creating a marketing plan incorporating a social media marketing strategy, establishing a fee rate range, identifying software requirements, planning a company website, legal requirements, insurance issues, negotiating contracts, and creating a file management system. Recommended: CAS 246. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide ).


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CRN 41545

From the Instructor:
'A virtual entrepreneur is an entrepreneur whose business is located primarily online, whereas a traditional entrepreneur's primary business location is a 'brick and mortar' building. Both the virtual entrepreneur and the traditional entrepreneur work for themselves. Some work by themselves, while others work with a partner. Still others have employees who report to them. For the purpose of this course, the focus will be on virtual entrepreneurs who work alone or with a partner but do not have any employees.' (Smedley, 2014, p. xvii)

Learning Outcomes

Assess skills and abilities to determine readiness and suitability for becoming a virtual entrepreneur.

Complete exercises that will take the student through the process of setting up and running a virtual business.

Course Specific Requirements:
Students will be exploring home-based entrepreneurial business opportunities in the virtual environment. Techniques and technologies needed by virtual entrepreneurs will be covered during this course. Each student will conduct market research, develop and write a formal business plan which includes marketing strategy, and create a unique home-based virtual business.
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41545 WEB » - 26-Sep-2016 thru 17-Dec-2016
Instructor: Randi M Barr
Tuition: credit Fees: $20.00
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