MUS131 Group Vocal

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Covers basic technique and theory of vocal proficiency necessary to develop individual ability in solo or ensemble settings. Includes the application of breath support, projection, phrasing, and musical styles to support individual voices in solo repertoire. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide ).

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CRN Campus / Bldg / Rm Time Days Dates Materials
44435 Cascade Campus / MAHB / 214 12:30 PM-01:50 PM TuTh 26-Sep-2017 thru 14-Dec-2017 Textbooks for CRN 44435
Instructor: Mary M Kadderly
Tuition: credit Fees: $6.00
43243 Rock Cr Campus / BLDG3 / 114 03:00 PM-04:20 PM TuTh 26-Sep-2017 thru 14-Dec-2017 Textbooks for CRN 43243
Instructor: Pollyanna J Hancock-Moody
Notes: vocal exercises, solo performances, basic reading skills
Tuition: credit Fees: $6.00