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9LAN615L Spanish Conversation: Level 4

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Ready to take your Spanish skills to a higher level? We'll build vocabulary and hone your speaking and listening skills in a supportive environment. For students with three or more terms of Spanish, or equivalent experience. 

There will be some reading and writing in this class. However, this is a conversation class, so our main focus will be on speaking, listening,and culture. Course content varies depending on the instructor and students. Generally, the following topics are covered in this level; REVIEW: Levels 1-3 SYNTAX (how sentences are formed); direct object pronouns; indirect object pronouns; reflexive pronouns; VERBS: preterite (regular and irregular), preterite vs. imperfect, reflexive, imperfect (regular and irregular); future; conditional, perfect tenses; VOCABULARY: Varies widely

Write down the CRNs (ex. 22398) of your selected classes to register.
  CRN Campus / Bldg / Rm Time Days Dates
13974 CLIMB Ctr / CLIMB / 306 10:00 AM-11:50 AM F 09-Jan-2015 thru 13-Mar-2015
Instructor: Carmen Martin-Stiles
Notes: Text: Spanish Now! Level 2
Tuition: $129.00 Fees: $0.00
13913 Downtown / LINCHS / 109 06:30 PM-08:20 PM Tu 06-Jan-2015 thru 10-Mar-2015
Instructor: Veronica J Short
Notes: Text: Spanish Now! Level 2
Tuition: $129.00 Fees: $15.00
17374 NE Port / HWSC / CLSRM 10:00 AM-11:50 AM W 07-Jan-2015 thru 11-Mar-2015
Instructor: Laura Bergman
Notes: Text: Spanish Now! Level 2
Tuition: $129.00 Fees: $10.00
17372 NE Port / GRNTHS / 137 06:30 PM-08:20 PM Th 08-Jan-2015 thru 12-Mar-2015
Instructor: Mario R Galindo
Notes: Text: Spanish Now! Level 2 www.pcc.edu/staff/mario.galindo
Tuition: $129.00 Fees: $15.00
13651 SW Port / NEIGHR / CLSRM 10:00 AM-11:50 AM M 05-Jan-2015 thru 23-Mar-2015
Instructor: Eduardo D Hernandez Herrera
Notes: No class 1/19, 2/16. Text: "Spanish Now!" Level 2
Tuition: $129.00 Fees: $10.00