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WR122 English Composition

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Continues the focus of WR 121 on academic writing as a means of inquiry with added emphasis on persuasion and argument supported by external research. Uses critical reading, discussion and the writing process to explore ideas, develop cultural awareness and formulate original positions. Emphasizes development of writing and critical thinking through logical reasoning, rhetorical control, independent research and information literacy. Prerequisite: WR 121. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide ).


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From the Instructor:
I like to think of research as similar to a treasure hunt, except one clue can lead to six more clues rather than just the next clue. The key point is this process involves curiosity, and you do not know your final destination when you begin the process. This means that your ideas can develop through your research and writing about your research. We will work on developing carefully considered positions driven by your curiosity and then persuading readers to agree with you using argumentation techniques. These are techniques you can use any time you want to investigate a new idea, any time someone tries to persuade you to do or think something, and any time you wish to persuade someone else. To practice these techniques, you will write an argument that starts by truly understanding the opposing viewpoint; an analysis of an advertisement; and a proposal to solve a community problem.
Course Specific Requirements:
For all writing classes, you will meet with your instructors for two conferences. You may meet with me personally by phone, Skype, or chat. The other option is to submit your draft so that I can give you written suggestions to help you to improve.
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WEB » 43971 - 22-Sep-2014 thru 13-Dec-2014
Instructor: Liona I Burnham
Tuition: credit Fees: $20.00
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