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HST100 Introduction to History

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Provides a general introduction to the nature and methods of history. Develops awareness of the importance of historical literacy and thinking. Develops intellectual and written communication skills applicable to the study of history and other academic disciplines and a wide variety of professional pursuits. Covers various periods, areas and fields of history through the use of historical case studies. Prerequisite: Placement into WR 115. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide ).


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From the Instructor:
What is history and how do historians study the past? This mostly self-study methods and skills course is designed to introduce you to the field of history. Through readings, exercises and short writing assignments, we will explore various purposes for studying history, the types of sources available to reconstruct the past, and different methods or approaches to examining history. This course is a largely self-directed workshop that encourages active learning via careful reading, clear writing and thinking historically. This is not a discussion course; there are no exams; but, there are seven (7) written assignments. HST 100 does not cover a particular period or area of history; the case studies are drawn from the instructors areas of interest and expertise.
Course Specific Requirements:
Required Books (2) available at the PCC-Sylvania bookstore - do not buy any used copy of the Methods and Skills book 1) The Methods and Skills of History: A Practical Guide (Third Edition), Furay and Salevouris (2010) (MSH) [workbooks cannot be placed on reserve in the library] The Methods and Skills of History: A Practical Guide, is a text/workbook that combines theory with hands-on practice, providing engaging essays, documents, and exercises designed to make history more meaningful and accessible whether you are majoring in history, taking a history course as an elective, or simply reading history on your own to strengthen your critical-thinking and communication skills. 2) Abraham Lincoln, by James McPherson (2009) (AL) Marking the two-hundredth anniversary of Lincoln's birth, this marvelous short biography by a leading historian offers an illuminating portrait of one of the giants in American history. It will be used to provide you with the necessary historical context to better understand Lincoln and write the final Document-based Question (DBQ) Essay.
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WEB » 41463 - 22-Sep-2014 thru 13-Dec-2014
Instructor: John M Shaw
Tuition: credit Fees: $20.00
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