Covers fractions, decimals, percents, integer, measurements to write, manipulate, interpret, and solve application and formula problems. Introduces concepts of basic statistics. A scientific calculator is required. The TI-30X II is recommended. Prerequisite: (ABE 0782 or placement into MTH 20) and (placement into RD 80 or ESOL 250).  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide ).


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CRN 30244

From the Instructor:
Instructor Note: Take the Orientation to Desire 2 Learn which is located in your mypcc on the left column under desire to learn. Hello and welcome to Math 20-Basic Math online! My name is Marilyn Marshall. I have taught Math 20 online for 15 years. I worked full time up through June 2010 teaching developmental math and coordinating the Learning Center on the Rock Creek Campus. I was also Department Chair for Developmental Education Reading and Writing. My passion is helping students overcome some of their math fears, fill in their math gaps, and have some fun in the process. You will want to register early as this course fills rapidly. I do have a wait-list. This 4 credit course will cover the same material presented in the 'traditional' Math 20 classroom at Portland Community College campuses. This includes fractions, decimals, ratio, proportion, percent, pre-algebra, and pre-geometry. This will be an exciting way to learn but there are requirements. You should be available to spend between 10-15 hours a week to complete your 'Required Math Work'. This is not a self-paced class. There will be specific assignments and due dates. For the Midterm(week 4) and the final(week 8), you will be required to come to the Rock Creek Campus to take both of these tests. This is required by the Portland Community College Math Department. If you live outside the district, you may arrange to have your tests proctored at your local community college. You will be successful in this on-line course if you are a student who is comfortable with the following: 1. You can read and follow directions. 2. You can use resources available to you. 3. You communicate easily via e-mail. 4. You have allocated approximately 10-15 hours each week to work on your math and complete assignments and exams at required times. 5. You have the desire to meet the challenge to review basic math concepts necessary to allow you to move to the next math course. 6. You are patient. 7. You want to have fun learning math! Course Specific Requirements: Prerequisites: Math placement test score above 33 or successful completion of ABS 099. You will be required to purchase your text in a bundle which has an access code for an online math system that you will work in this term called WEBASSIGN.
Course Specific Requirements:
Course Specific Requirements: Prerequisites: Math placement test score above 33 or successful completion of ABS 099. In addition, students must purchase a spiral notebook and a calculator with a fractions function.(around $10.00) If you have never taken an on-line course using Desire 2 Learn, you must complete the Desire 2 Learn online orientation.
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WEB » 30244 - 23-Jun-2014 thru 16-Aug-2014
Instructor: Marilyn F Marshall
Notes: CRN 30244 - New Textbook Bundle w/WebAssign REQUIRED.
Tuition: credit Fees: $20.00
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