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CH221 General Chemistry I

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Introduces measurements, classification and properties of matter, nomenclature, atomic structure and modern atomic theory, periodic table and chemical periodicity, and chemical bonding. Recommended for chemistry and other natural science majors, and preprofessional majors in engineering, medicine and dentistry. (If students have not successfullyl completed a high school or a college chemistry class with a lab component in the last 3 years they are encouraged to complete CH 151 before registering.) This is the first course in a three course sequence. Prerequisite: WR 115 and RD 115 or equivalent placement test scores. Prerequisite/concurrent: MTH 111. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide ).


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CRN 21192

From the Instructor:
The lab section will meet on the Rock Creek campus. It is not a virtual online lab. You must be able to attend this on-campus component and perform the experiments in order to register for the course.
Course Specific Requirements:
Chemistry 221 is the first of a three term chemistry sequence designed to provide a year of general chemistry to science majors. It will meet transfer school requirements for such science majors as: chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, pre-medicine, and other pre-professional programs. The class consists of online lecture notes and an on-campus laboratory section. The online lecture notes are used to provide the student with basic chemical concepts and mathematical applications to chemistry. The laboratory reinforces concepts presented in the textbook and provides the student a hands-on opportunity to explore these. All exams and assignments are submitted online (the lab meets on campus). Because this is a science major's course, the entering student should be able to demonstrate minimum math and chemistry skills. The student must have a year of high school chemistry or equivalent science background and must have taken or be able to take college algebra (Math 111). Make sure to check out the Orientation to PCC Web Courses to determine if your learning style and computer skills are well-matched to online learning (click here for the link to the website). To help you decide if an online chemistry class is right for you, here is an outline of what your responsibilities will be. Each week you will have: a reading assignment that covers a chapter in Silberberg's Chemistry (6th edition) online lecture notes to read homework problems to work on activities and self-check exercises to reinforce the concepts an exam to take (short answer and calculations) a small project where you post your solution to a specific homework problem, and You also must meet for lab at the Rock Creek campus (if you cannot attend the lab, you will not be allowed to take the course) This class requires a good deal of work and you should expect to spend a significant amount of time online (attendance will be monitored by the amount of time you are logged into the class). Your success in the class will be dependent on how much time you devote to self-study and how well you do as an independent thinker. In an online class, you are in control of the learning process and you have to be very motivated to keep up with the material and assignments. You will get out of the course what you put in so approach the class as a serious endeavor. If you are interested in the class because you think you will not have to work hard, this course is not for you. The design of the class is such that you may actually have to devote more time to the course than a traditional on-campus class. But your hard work will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of chemical principles. This course will be using Desire2Learn, our Learning Management Software at PCC that is used to deliver online courses. If you decide your learning style is compatible with this online class, remember that once you have registered, you need to log into Desire2Learn the first day of classes to start the course. To log in to your course, please go to: https://my.pcc.edu and click on the Desire2Learn login link on the left of your MyPCC homepage.
Web Technical Requirements:
Please be sure to read the Technical Requirements for this delivery mode.
Students with Disabilities:
Students with disabilities should notify their instructor if accommodations are needed to take this class. For information about technologies that help people with disabilities in taking Web based distance learning classes please visit the Office for Students with Disabilities website.
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WEB » 21192 - 01-Apr-2014 thru 10-Jun-2014
Instructor: James D Stiehl
Notes: Alert! On Campus Lab Meets Tuesdays 6:30-9:20 PM in 7/226.
Tuition: credit Fees: $32.00
For information, contact Rock Creek
and - 31-Mar-2014 thru 14-Jun-2014
Instructor: David M Brackett
For information, contact Rock Creek

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