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Spring 2014: *

CLIMB: Small Business Development (Non-Credit)

GROWING Your Current Business

Small Business Management for Retailers

How to Work with the SBDC

New Client Orientation and Business Advising

THINKING about Starting a Business

Directed Self-Study (DSS) Business Planning Online

Careers (Non-Credit)

Discover a New Career

Sell Your Stuff on eBay

Start Your Own Business

Sell Your Stuff on Facebook, Craigslist, Etsy, Amazon...

Communication Studies (Credit)

COMM 111
Public Speaking

Computer Skills and Technology (Non-Credit)

Google Series

Google Series
Google Picasa
Google Docs
Google Calendar
Google Gmail
Google Drive and Cloud Storage

Mac/Apple Fundamentals

iPad Basics Workshop: Explore Your iPad's Capabilities
iPhone Basics

Microsoft Office

Fundamentals of Excel: Level I
Fundamentals of Excel: Level II
Fundamentals of Access: Level I
Fundamentals of Excel: Level III

PC Computer Fundamentals

PC Computer Fundamentals for Windows 8.1: Level I
PC Computer Fundamentals for Windows 8.1: Level II
PC Computer Fundamentals for Windows 8.1: Level III
PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting
My PC: Getting Started with Windows 7
Windows 8.1: Level I
Fundamentos de Computadoras en Espanol: Nivel I
Fundamentos de Computadoras en Espanol: Nivel II
Computer Security for the Home User

Continuing Education and License Renewal (Non-Credit)

Electrical License Renewal

CEU 921Z
National Electrical Code Changes
CEU 922A
NEC Code Calculations for Motor and Transformers

Criminal Justice (Credit)

CJA 113
Intro to CJS- Corrections
CJA 232
Intelligence Led Policing

Dance (Non-Credit) (Non-Credit)

Hawaiian Hula Dancing

Emergency Medical Services (Credit)

EMS 113
Emerg Resp Comm/Documentation

Emergency Preparedness (Non-Credit)

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workshop

English for Speakers of Other Languages (Credit)

Levels 4 - 5: Credit Classes

Level 4 Writing

Levels 4 - 5: Non-Credit Classes

Level 4 Writing

Health Education (Credit)


HE 250
Personal Health

History (Credit)

HST 201
History of the US to 1840

Hobbies and Crafts (Non-Credit)

Astronomy, Eyes on the Sky: Part I
Genealogy: Complete Family History


Competitive Scrabble(R): Strategies for Success

Home Improvement (Non-Credit)

Home Inspection and Maintenance
Prepare to Sell Your Home!

Lactation Education & Consultant (Credit)

LEC 201
Human Lact & Breastfeeding 1
LEC 202
Human Lact & Breastfeeding 2

Languages (Non-Credit)

Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction: Consonants
Accent Reduction: Intonation
Accent Reduction: Vowels


French Conversation: Level 1


German Conversation: Level 1
German Conversation: Level 2


Italian Conversation: Level 1


Spanish Conversation: Level 1

Survival English

Survival English: Level 1
Survival English: Level 2

Mathematics (Credit)


MTH 60
Introductory Algebra- 1st Term
MTH 65
Introductory Algebra-2nd Term
MTH 95
Intermediate Algebra

Medical Assisting (Credit)

MA 112
Med Office Assistant Seminar I
MA 117
Med Office Admin Procedures
MA 118
Med Office Admin Proc (Lab)
MA 120
Intro to Clinical Phlebotomy
MA 180
Coding and Reimbursement

Medical Professions (Credit)

MP 111
Medical Terminology

Mind-Body Wellness (Non-Credit)

Qigong and Tai Chi

Tai Chi: Beginning


Yoga: Level I

Music and Theater (Non-Credit)



Personal Finance (Non-Credit)

Managing Your Money and Investments

Investing for Beginners with NAIC


Understanding Social Security and Medicare

Photography (Non-Credit)

Mastering Your Digital Camera

Editing and Manipulation

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom(R) 5

Psychology (Credit)

PSY 101
Psychology and Human Relations
PSY 201A
Intro to Psychology - Part 1

Reading (Credit)

Developmental Reading

ABE 0783
ABE Fundamentals of Reading
RD 90
Reading 90

Reading Transfer

RD 115
College Reading

Traffic Safety (Non-Credit)

Driver Education

Driver Education PCC: Teen
Driver Education PCC: Adult

Visual Arts (Non-Credit)


Drawing: Beginning
Drawing With Colored Pencil and Watercolor Pencil


Jewelry Making: Basic

Painting: Acrylics and Oils

Acrylics Artists Group
Acrylics Are Easy

Painting: Watercolor

Mastering Acrylics and Watercolors
Watercolor Style

Women's Studies (Credit)

WS 101
Women's Studies

Writing (Non-Credit) (Non-Credit)


Writing Children's Literature
Write Your Novel


Words on the Page: Creating Writing

Writing (Credit)

Transfer Writing Courses

WR 115
Intro to Expository Writing
WR 121
English Composition
WR 122
English Composition


ABE 0784
ABE Fundamentals of Writing
WR 90
Writing 90

Yard and Garden (Non-Credit)

Home Gardening Series with Rod Smith

Annuals, Perennials and Bulbs
Growing Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs
Insects and Diseases
Landscape Design
Lawn Care
Home Gardening Series with Rod Smith
Trees, Shrubs and Roses
Watering and Irrigation