Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Adult 55+ Fitness (Non-Credit)

Adult 55+ Fitness

Gentle Toning and Cardio Workout
Zumba Gold

Adult Basic Education / GED (Non-Credit)

ABE Classes

ABE Secondary
Foundations of Math II
Intermediate RD & WR
Adv Integrated RD and WR

Anthropology (Credit)

ATH 103
Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Art (Credit)

ART 131A
Drawing I
ART 131B
Drawing I
ART 131C
Drawing I
ART 140A
Digital Photography I
ART 140B
Digital Photography I
ART 140C
Digital Photography I

Aviation Science (Credit)

AVS 127
Introduction to Aviation

Biology (Credit)

BI 101
BI 102
BI 112
Cell Biology for Health Occ

Anatomy and Physiology

BI 122
Intro Human Anat/Phys II

Biology for Science Majors

BI 211
Principles of Biology

Business Administration (Credit)

BA 101
Introduction to Business
BA 111
Introduction to Accounting
BA 131
Intro to Business Technology
BA 206
Management Fundamentals
BA 211
Principles of Accounting I

CLIMB: Small Business Development (Non-Credit)


Business Design Series (BDS)

Careers (Non-Credit)

Dog Trainer Essentials


So You Have a Great Idea?
Sidelines for Retirees

Chemistry (Credit)

CH 100
Everyday Chemistry with Lab
CH 151
Preparatory Chemistry
CH 222
General Chemistry II
CH 223
General Chemistry III

College Success and Career Guidance (Credit)

College Success

CG 58
Math Literacy Success

College Transfer Elective Courses

CG 100
College Survival and Success
CG 111A
Study Skills for Coll Learning
CG 112
Managing Test Anxiety
CG 114
Financial Survival
CG 140A
Career and Life Planning
CG 145
Stress Management
CG 209
Job Finding Skills

Communication Studies (Credit)

COMM 100
Introduction to Communication
COMM 111
Public Speaking

Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) (Credit)


CADD 126
Introduction to AutoCAD
CADD 136
Intermediate AutoCAD
CADD 185
Inventor Fundamentals
CADD 246
AutoCAD 3-D & Solid Modeling
CADD 285
Advanced Inventor


CADD 175
SolidWorks Fundamentals
CADD 275
SolidWorks Advanced

Computer Applications and Office Systems (Credit)

Computer Fundamentals

CAS 103
Introduction to Windows
CAS 133
Basic Computer Skill/MS Office

Computerized Keyboarding

CAS 121
Beginning Keyboarding
CAS 121A
Beginning Keyboarding
CAS 122
Keyboarding for Speed/Accuracy
CAS 123
Production Keyboarding

Desktop Publishing and Graphics

CAS 109
Beginning PowerPoint
CAS 231

Internet and Web

CAS 104
Basic Internet Skills

Office Systems

OS 131
10-key on Calculators

Spreadsheets and Database

CAS 140
Beginning Access
CAS 170
Beginning Excel
CAS 171
Intermediate Excel

Word Processing

CAS 216
Beginning Word
CAS 216A
Beginning Word
CAS 217
Intermediate Word

Computer Skills and Technology (Non-Credit)

Accounting and Spreadsheets

Fundamentals of Excel: Level 1
Fundamentals of Excel: Level 2
Fundamentals of Excel: Level 3

PC Computer Fundamentals

PC Computer Fundamentals for Windows: Level 1
PC Computer Fundamentals for Windows: Level 2
PC Computer Fundamentals for Windows: Level 3
Computer Security for the Home User

Continuing Education and License Renewal (Non-Credit)

Electrical License Renewal

CEU 3263
Electrical Safety/NFPA 70E
CEU 921Z
National Electrical Code Changes
CEU 922A
NEC Code Calculations for Motor and Transformers
CEU 922C
Grounding and Bonding

Dance (Non-Credit) (Non-Credit)

Street Jazz Dance
Belly Dance: Beginning 1
90s Throwback Hip Hop Dance

Economics (Credit)

EC 201
Prin Econ: Microeconomics

Emergency Preparedness (Non-Credit)

Protect Your Pets: Emergency Prep and Animal Behavior

Engineering (Credit)

ENGR 100
Exploring Engineering

English for Speakers of Other Languages (Credit)

Levels 1 - 3: Non-Credit Classes

Level 1 Integrated Skills
Level 2 Integrated Skills
Level 3 Integrated Skills

Levels 4 - 5: Credit Classes

ESOL 150
Level 5 Reading
ESOL 152
Level 5 Writing
ESOL 154
Level 5 Communication
Level 4 Reading
Level 4 Writing
Level 4 Communication

Levels 4 - 5: Non-Credit Classes

Level 5 Reading
Level 5 Writing
Level 5 Communication
Level 4 Reading
Level 4 Writing
Level 4 Communication

Levels 6 - 8: Credit Classes

ESOL 160
Level 6 Academic Reading
ESOL 162
Level 6 Academic Writing
ESOL 164
Level 6 Academic Communication
ESOL 250
Level 7 Academic Reading
ESOL 252
Level 7 Academic Writing
ESOL 254
Level 7 Academic Communication
ESOL 260
Level 8 Academic Reading
ESOL 262
Level 8 Academic Writing

Food and Drink (Non-Credit)

Fabulous Seafood
Super Salads
Summer in the Mediterranean
All About Chiles
Tasty Tamales

Exploring Asian Cuisine

Izakaya: Bar Foods of Japan
Tsukemono: Pickling Japanese Style

Food Preservation

Water Bath Canning: Jams and Jellies
Water Bath Canning: Quick Pickled Vegetables
Basic Vegetable Fermentation
Hot Stuff! Preservation Possibilities for Hot Peppers

Garden, Nature, and Yard (Non-Credit)

Chemical-Free Beekeeping

General Science (Credit)

GS 107
Physical Science (Astronomy)
GS 108
Phys Science (Oceanography)
GS 109
Physical Science (Meteorology)

Geography (Credit)

GEO 223
Field Geography: GPS & GIS

Health Studies (Credit)


HE 112
Standard First Aid & CPR/AED
HE 242
Stress and Human Health
HE 250
Personal Health

Health and Fitness for Life

HE 295
Health and Fitness for Life

History (Credit)

HST 101
West Civ: Ancnt to Mdvl
HST 240
Oregon History

Hobbies and Crafts (Non-Credit)

Knitting and Fiber Crafts

Handmade Paper Lanterns

Languages (Non-Credit)

American Sign Language

American Sign Language: Level 4/5
American Sign Language: Level 1
American Sign Language: Level 2/3


Chinese Conversation: Level 1 (Mandarin)
Chinese Conversation: Level 2 (Mandarin)


French Conversation: Level 1


Japanese Conversation: Level 1


Spanish Conversation: Level 1
Spanish Conversation: Level 2

Library (Credit)

LIB 101
Library Research and Beyond

Management and Supervisory Development (Credit)

MSD 122
Motivation w/o Manipulation
MSD 157
Conflict Management
MSD 162
Angry Feel & Angry People
MSD 174
Time Management

Mathematics (Credit)

Developmental Mathematics

Math 20 Lab - 1.00 credits
Math 60 Lab - 1.00 credits


MTH 111
College Algebra
MTH 112
Elementary Functions
MTH 20
Basic Math
MTH 243
Statistics I
MTH 244
Statistics II
MTH 251
Calculus I
MTH 253
Calculus III
MTH 58
Math Literacy I
MTH 60
Introductory Algebra- 1st Term
MTH 65
Introductory Algebra-2nd Term
MTH 70
Review of Intro Algebra
MTH 95
Intermediate Algebra
MTH 98
Math Literacy II

Medical Professions (Credit)

MP 111
Medical Terminology

Mind-Body Wellness (Non-Credit)

Qigong and Tai Chi

Tai Chi: Beginning
Tai Chi: Continuing


Yoga: Level 1

Music and Theater (Non-Credit)


Guitar: Blues Basics and More
Guitar 1 for all Styles: Beginning
Beatles for All: Sing and Play-A-Long


Ukulele 2
Uke-da Blues
Ukulele: Beginning


Acting Inside/Out

Personal Finance (Non-Credit)

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies


Retirement Success: What it means. Why you can do it!
How to Maximize Social Security Income

Pets (Non-Credit)

Dog Obedience: Beginning Part 2
Dog Obedience: Beginning Part 1

Philosophy (Credit)

PHL 202

Photography (Non-Credit)


Darkroom Photography: Black and White Continuing

Editing and Post-Production

Printing with Adobe Lightroom

Events and Settings

Outdoor Portrait Photography
Street Photography Workshop

Physical Education and Dance (Credit)

Fitness Activities

PE 142A
Zumba Fitness I
PE 162O
Core Fitness
PE 181A
Beg Weight Training-Coed
PE 181B
Int Weight Training-Coed
PE 182P
Pilates I
PE 182U
Pilates II

Health and Fitness for Life

PE 295
Health & Fitness for Life Lab

Individual/Recreational Activities

PE 182K
Yoga I
PE 182L
Yoga II

Physics (Credit)

PHY 201
General Physics

Political Science (Credit)

PS 202
US Pub. Policy & Dem

Psychology (Credit)

PSY 101
Psychology and Human Relations
PSY 201A
Intro to Psychology - Part 1
PSY 202A
Intro to Psychology - Part 2
PSY 215
Human Development

Reading (Credit)

Developmental Reading

RD 90
Reading 90

Reading Transfer

RD 115
College Reading

Sociology (Credit)

SOC 204
Sociology in Everyday Life

Spanish (Credit)

SPA 101
First Year Spanish-First Term
SPA 111C
First Yr Spanish Conversation

Style and Beauty (Non-Credit)

Soap Making from Scratch   

Summer Teen Program (Non-Credit)


Japanese Cooking
Creperie Cafe
Mexican Cooking 101


Jazz/Funk Dance: Beginner and Intermediate


Gohan Desu Yo: Japanese Language and Cuisine Introduction
Spanish Immersion


App Attack
Code Breakers
Make Your First 3D Video Game!
Minecraft Designers
Minecraft Modders
Solar Energy: The New Power
3D Printing 1: Basics

Test Preparation

SAT Test Prep

Visual Arts

Ceramics: Using the Force
Comics Studio
Black and White Photo and Darkroom: Introduction


Creative Writing: Voice in Fiction and Story
Writing Creative Stories

Traffic Safety (Non-Credit)

Driver Education

Driver Education PCC: Teen
Driver Education PCC: Adult

Travel (Non-Credit)

Cultural Tours

Tuscan Food and Wine Adventure: Info Session


New Zealand Art Tour

Visual Arts (Non-Credit)


Ceramics: Focus on Surface Decoration
Ceramics: All Levels
Ceramics: Beginning and Intermediate
Ceramics: Hand Building
Ceramics Intermediate: Throwing and Hand Building
Ceramics Handbuilding: Planters


Drawing for the Timid but Hopeful

Mixed Media

Art Journaling Group
Mosaic Art Workshop
Micro to Macro: Large Mixed Media Drawings


Chinese Brush Painting
Dynamic Abstract Painting
Understanding Color
Imaginary Landscape: Poetry, Fantasy and Acrylic Painting

Painting: Acrylics and Oils

Classical Oil Painting Studio

Women's Studies (Credit)

WS 101
Women's Studies

Work Out (Non-Credit)


Cardio Boot Camp

Strength Training

Strength Training for Women

Writing (Non-Credit) (Non-Credit)


Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing


Poetry on Mt. Tabor: A Generative Workshop

Writing (Credit)

Business and Technical Writing

WR 227
Technical/Profession WR 1

Creative Writing

WR 240
Creative Writing (Nonfiction)
WR 241
Creative Writing (Fiction)
WR 242
Creative Writing (Poetry)
WR 244
Adv Creative Writing - Fiction
WR 245
Adv Creative Writing - Poetry
WR 248
Adv Creative Writing-Nonfict

Transfer Writing Courses

WR 115
Intro to Expository Writing
WR 121
English Composition
WR 122
English Composition


WR 90
Writing 90