Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

You can prevent sexual violence

PCC: SAFE offers multiple ways to engage in the work we do. We can all commit to having each other's backs by being allies in promoting a Sexual Assault Free Environment. PCC: SAFE offers our community many ways to engage in this important work.

  • Faculty and students can engage through our PCC: SAFE Ally Certification Program.
  • PCC students can engage by participating in the student club MAVEN (Men's Anti-Violence Action Network).
  • Any individual can request membership and support the PCC: SAFE Council.

There are no bystanders

While we may or may not be survivors and/or perpetrators of sexual violence, we all share the role of bystanders. When we do nothing we are in fact doing everything perpetrators need from us to get away with victimizing our friends, our classmates, our sisters, our daughters... Sexual violence is preventable!

Contact us to find out about the many things you can do to promote and support PCC: SAFE and honor all survivors of sexual violence by not allowing it to happen again!

For Students

  • Students apply to be in the PCC: SAFE program as SAFE educators. Preference is given to graduates of the Illumination Project, the WRC, and other PCC leadership programs. Students enter the program the fall term and are in the project for a full academic year.
  • Students gail skills in leadership, group and dialogue facilitation, community organizing and program development.
  • Applicants must demonstrate leadership experience and interest in addressing issues related to gender-based oppressions.

For Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty and staff can use PCC: SAFE as a resource for their classrooms, teams and committees
  • Our PCC: SAFE Ally Certification Program can be scheduled to come to your classroom, event or meeting.

Contact Rut Martinez-Alicea for more information, applications, or for scheduling questions.