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Meet our 2015-2016 student advocates

Who are they?

Students advocates are trained student staff who are available in the Women's Resource Center to help PCC students. They are trained to assist students in locating resources both on campus and in the community, crisis intervention and referral, design programs, assess student needs, answer phones, and they represent college women on a variety of college committees and student council. They are also trained specifically in women's student development and related issues. Come on by and ask them for help!



Dinusha - WRC- Student Advocate
Gladys Asemsro– International Ambassador-WRC Liaison
Jhoana Monroy- WRC Student Advocate


Ivan Hernandez - WRC Student Advocate
Tanya Manzaneda - WRC Student Advocate


Sharon Van Wagoner- New Directions Mentor
Penny Williams - Special Projects
Hi, my name is Penny Williams and I am the student mentor in the New Directions class offered through the Women’s Resource Center. This is my first position as a student leader and advocate. I am currently studying Office Systems and Computer Application Systems and will complete an Associate’s Degree in 2015.  As an older woman returning to school, I have a lot to catch up on with computer skills but I bring a lot of life experience to my role as an advocate and I am enjoying the training and team building that many of the student centers participated in. I enjoy meeting new people, spending time outside of class with friends and creating art in many forms. I look forward to assisting you in the WRC this year.
Rosemary Berkshire- Special Projects
Elivier Barragan - WRC Special Projects

Deanna Rebardo- WRC Special Projects

A student advocate develops skills in...

  • Advocacy
  • Problem Solving
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Resource Research
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Organizing
  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Leadership Development
  • One-on-one Assistance
  • Women's Advocacy