Student Advocates

Rock Creek Bldg. 2, Rm. 103 | 971-722-7448



Who are they?

Students advocates are trained student staff who are available in the Women's Resource Center to help PCC students. They are trained to assist students in locating resources both on campus and in the community, crisis intervention and referral, design programs, assess student needs, answer phones, and they represent college women on a variety of college committees and student council. They are also trained specifically in women's student development and related issues. Come on by and ask them for help!


Aurora Fulgencio - WRC Volunteer Advocate

Aurora My name is Aurora Fulgencio, this is my first year at PCC and I am curious to find out what I will be majoring in. I’m passionate about working at the Women’s Resource Center because women have long way to go in order to accomplish our goal of being treated equally in our society. The resources and support we offer on campus are helping women become more aware of social issues. I feel satisfied with my work at the WRC by serving women and helping them grow internally one day at a time.


Brianda Alcazar – Lead Student Advocate

Hello, my name is Brianda. BriandaThis year will be my 3rd year at PCC and my 2nd year as a WRC Student Advocate. I’m a student interested in science major, specifically Chemistry Major. I want to eventually go to Graduate School and become a Pharmacist. About me personally; I have 2 young, beautiful daughters and a very helpful, loving husband. I love working in the Women’s Resource Center because I like to help people and be involved in my PCC Rock Creek community. I think that working at the Women’s Resource Center helps me grow as an individual and at the same time I am able to help others grow. I just love to spend time at the center even as a student in my free time. It’s my connection to the campus.


Jennifer Acosta Campos - WRC Advocate

JenniferMy name is Jennifer Acosta and I was born in Portland Oregon. I have been at PCC Rock Creek for two years now and I absolutely love it. My introduction to PCC was through a special program that helped me find all the resources and information about all the centers, here at Rock Creek. My advice to you is to get familiarized with all the resources that PCC provides and get involved. I would like to major in social work, but I am still searching for my dream career. My dream goal and passion is to help people with their well-being and improve their quality of life by giving them the resources that they may need.  I want to find my dream job, buy my own house, get educated in whatever comes my way, to be happy, and have fun. I’m a mother of two beautiful children that have motivated me to follow my dreams and pursue my education. Working at the WRC has taught me special values about feminism, education, advocacy, and resources that have helped me strengthen my leadership skills.  I’m passionate to come to a safe environment and meet new people.


Lynne Hoyt- New Directions Mentor


Hello, I am Lynne, a single mother returning to academia after several decades away to obtain my degree in Computer Applications/Office Systems. This is my 2nd year as a student at PCC Rock Creek; I just love this campus. I have met many great people along this transitional journey of self-discovery while studying for my degree. The first day I came into the Women’s Resource Center was the day I gained the reassurance I needed to continue on my new path. I am a 2012 graduate of the WRC New Directions class, where I gained further confidence in my capabilities to grow. Now as a mentor for that program, I hope to contribute to others in a positive way.  I know that many women, like me, need a place such as the WRC that offers fellowship and support as they strive to continue their education and turn their lives around.


Maria Alonzo - PSU Intern/ Transiciones Oeste Mentor

Maria AMy name is Maria Alonso. I have been at PCC for five years. My major is Human Resources and Management and Leadership. However, I would also like to obtain a degree in education and psychology later in the future. I enjoy working with people and helping my community. I am passionate to work at the Women's Resource Center (WRC) because we have a friendly environment where everyone is welcome. It is a great place to network, meet new students and learn about awesome opportunities around campus.  Also, working at the WRC gives me the opportunity to help people and serve the community which is something that I enjoy doing. 


Marie Samsom - International Liaison

MarieHi there! My name is Marie Samson. I returned to school to pursue a second career in art and have been at PCC for one and half years with the goal of building the skills and portfolio I need to get into an MFA program. Ultimately I would like to become a public artist and leverage my skills and experiences from my previous career in engineering. I am passionate about supporting other students as they pursue their goals and am looking forward to helping them access the resources and support they need to be successful.



Riley Toll -WRC Student Advocate

RileyHi! I’m Riley Toll and I'm a student advocate at the WRC. This is my second year at PCC. I don’t know what I am going to major in at this point however my interests lie mainly in ostrich farming. Unfortunately “Associate of large avian science” isn’t offered at Rock Creek so I’m going to have to choose something else. I’m very interested in psychology and Sociology so I would like to do something with those. I love working at the WRC because of all the amazing people I get to meet and spend time with. They are people I can truly be myself around. The center also gives me a lot of great opportunities to promote gender equality which is one of my passions. See you in the center! :)


Yasmina Green -WRC Advocate

YasminaMy name is Yasmina Green. After an 11 year period of dedicating all my time to raising my kids, I decided to go back to school. My first class here at PCC was New Directions Spring 2011. Since then I have been attending PCC as a full-time student. I will be transferring to Portland State University to complete my Bachelors of Arts in Community Health. My focus and goal is implementing and supporting programs that empower young women worldwide. The Women's Resource Center is the reason I have been able to look back and see how successful I have become during the past 3 years. I am honored to give back to an organization whom has been able to support and empower me to become the woman I thought was attainable.


Yesenia Cabrera - Community Resource Specialist

YeseniaHello my name is Yesenia Cabrera I have been a student at PCC for the past 3 years. I am a mother of 2 and I am currently working on pre-requisites for the Business program at PSU. My major is accounting, my professional goals is to an Accountant for a company that gives me the flexibility that I need for my life. I am passionate to work at the Women's Resource Center because I feel that I can make a difference in other peoples life. Helping students reach their goals is a very rewarding feeling, whether it is by talking to them, listening, being an advocate or just simply saying hello.



A student advocate develops skills in...

  • Advocacy
  • Problem Solving
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Resource Research
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Organizing
  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Leadership Development
  • One-on-one Assistance
  • Women's Advocacy