"Women of Distinction" Luncheon


"Women of Distinction"

"We never know how high we are till we are called to rise."

Thursday, June 5th

11:30pm - 2:00pm

Rock Creek | Building 9, Event Center

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Women of Distinction

Alice Babia, Maribel Vasquez & Brigette Cremente

"Leadership is about capacity - the capacity of leaders to listen and observe, the use their expertise as a starting point to encourage dialogue between all levels of decision-making, to establish processes and transparency in decision-making, to articulate their own values and visions clearly but not impose them. Leadership is about setting and not just reacting to agendas, identifying problems, and initiating change that makes for substantial improvement rather than managing change."

~Dr. Ann Marie E. McSwain, Associate Professor, Lincoln University~


Dr. Marlene Eid, Psychology Professor

"Woman of Distinction Award" Recipient


Congratulations to everyone that was nominated!

Rock Creek

2013-2014 Women of Distinction” Nominees

Alejandra  Molina– Admin Assistant

Katie LeCoe– Posthumous

Alicia Gonzalez– WRC Assistant Coord

Keiko  Yamanouch-PT Instr. Japanese

Amanda  Ellertson –Coord. Stud. Ldrsh.

Kelsey Ferreira– PT Instr. Art

Andrea Lowgren– Instructor History

Kristen Martin– WRC Coordinator

Brenda Ivelisse– Associate Dean

Ksenia Everton-PT Instr. Biology Science

Candace Sander– Advising Office Assist

Laura Sanborn-PT Instr. Math

Carol Claassen-Instr. SLC/ QRC

Laura Smoyer– PT Instr. Math

Cheryl Hudsen-PT. Instr. Chemistry

Leslie Boyd-Int. Dev Ed Writing

Cynthia C. Thornburgh– Instr. ESOL

Lollie Molina-Admin Assist Counseling

Dara Khon-Future Connect

Loretta Dike-Admin Assist Student Activ.

Deanna Pulliams –Adviser OIE 

Lupita Mendez-Interim MC Coordinator

Debbie L. Bowen– PT Instr. Math

Maria Juarez-Office Assist Disability  Ser

DeLinda Martin-Huggins-Assis. Coord.

Marilyn Alexander-Instr. Landscape Tech

Denyse Peterson– Admin Assist Lib Arts

Melissa Manolas-Instr. Comp. & Lit.

Dolores Galindo-Instr. Vet. Tech

Michelle Cristiani-PT Instr. SLC

Donna Cole-PT Instr. Art

Michelle Huss-Instr. Biology

Eileen Rogers– PT Instr. Math

Morgan Lindberg-Instr. Japanese

Elizabeth Knight -PT Instr. English

Narce Rodriguez– Dean Student Dev

Elizabeth Smith– PT. Instr. English

Nora Lindsey-Sustainability QRC Coord.

Felita Singleton– Counselor

Olivia Alcaire-Coop Ed  Student Employ

Florence Deutsch-PT. Instr. French/ASL

Pat Cottrill-Academic Advising Coord.

Gabriela Backes– Instr. Chemistry

Payal Roy-PT Instr. Math

Ginger Smith-Office Assistant

Petra Sairane– PT Instr. Art

Heidi Edwards—Outreach Coordinator

Phyllis  Petteys-Counselor

Janis Nciols-Community Relations

Phyllis Trowbridge-PT Instr. Art

Jaimie Powell-Instr. Biology

Shirlee A Geiger–Instr. Philosophy /Religion

Jamee Kristen-Instr. Sociology

Silvia Herman-PT Instr. Spanish

Jessica Martin– Instr. Biology

Stephanie Cornes– VRC Assist Coord

Jessica Bernards-Instr. Math

Stephanie Yorba-Instr. World Lang/Spanish

Jessie Levine-Perkins Title 1 RC

Tamara Williams-Student Employment

Joanie Ellis-PT Instr. Comp App

Tara Baker-PT Instr. Biological Science

Judi Armstrong-PT Instr.

Terri Barns-Instr. History

Judy Zimmerman-Instr. Psychology

Tia Chiappe-Admin. Assist SLC

Julia Banzi-PT Instr. Music

Valorie Adler-CRC Coordinator

Alejandra  Molina– Admin Assistant

Valory Lawrence –PT Instr. Theater Dance

Wendy Fresh-Instr. Math