Women’s Leadership Program


Each spring students are hired to work in the Women’s Resource Center and to participate in the year long Women's Leadership Program. Program participants staff the Women's Resource Center as paid Student Advocates.

Students Advocates provide information to students seeking assistance from the center, make referrals to campus and community services, provide personal and academic support to students and implement educational events that benefit the campus community. Students gain leadership skills, self awareness, skills in advocacy, problem solving and crisis intervention, and knowledge about a variety of current social justice issues that affect women today. Student Advocates are ambassadors for the college and role models for other PCC students.

Student Leadership Program Guiding Principles

  • We are prompt, present, and prepared
  • We value sincere check-in and we listen mindfully
  • We offer equal opportunity to facilitate
  • We resolve issues as they arise
  • We nurture a safe environment in which we can ask for help
  • We act in good faith
  • We respect ourselves and each other
  • We mentor each other
  • We value and cultivate diversity
  • We have fun!