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Project Independence is a tuition free college credit program. The program helps students with college readiness while examining educational and career goals. Project Independence provides an opportunity for women to explore career and life options and gain self-confidence with a cohort of women in an educational setting.

Typical program participants have experienced one or more of the following:

  • Single parent
  • Divorced, separated, or displaced homemaker
  • Widowed
  • Undecided about a career
  • Survivor of domestic violence
  • In recovery
  • Experiencing some anxiety about returning to school
  • First time in college

Project Independence students

Classes include:

  • Career & Life Planning
  • Values Clarification
  • Introduction to Assertiveness
  • College Survival & Success
  • Adult Fitness
  • Overcoming Math Anxiety
  • Intro to Windows

Support services for Project Independence students & alumni include:

  • On-going personal & academic support
  • Limited childcare scholarship
  • Limited help with transportation
  • A safe comfortable place to learn how to do college

How to sign up:

  • You must attend a Project Independence Information Session before attending a Project Independence Orientation. Information Session are held at the Women's Resource Center (Cascade Campus, SU 301). At the Information Session, you will hear more about the program and learn the first steps to starting college such as:
    • Admissions to college
    • FAFSA (Federal Financial Aid Application)
    • Planning your first term classes
Project Independence circle
Spring 2017 Project Independence Information Sessions

Stop by the Women's Resource Center - SU 301

call us at 971-722-5249 to be added to the contact list for Spring term 2017.