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Sites in Transitional Template

These are pages that currently are using the transitional templates (pcc-master & new_master). The assumption is that their content is up to date and won't require major revisiting. This list does not include Transitional Templates listed on the Resource or Academic pages. Please see the inventory of Resources and Academics for those.

Name Pages Contact Publish Date



7 Melissa Padilla  
/resources/faculty.htm 1 Not sure of contact. Not linked from anywhere either. 2-23


(This URL has a re-direct, but transitional templates are in this exact location, not the re-direct. )


Jean Hillebrand*

/resources/service-learning/ 29 Jennifer Alkezweeny* 2-22



2 Maribel Pinyas  
/pcc/csr/finals/ 1 Printed in the Schedule. So, Katherine McDonald, Marketing as contact? 2-10-06