Resources still to be migrated

These are items listed on Resources index page that have not been migrated to the new template. I do not have a page count on resources in the old template because they have been counted in the inventory.

Resources that have been migrated to the new template are listed below this table.

Name Pages Different Intranet site? Contact Publish Date
ASPCC 88 no Kendi Esary (CA) * 3-18
Linda Gettmann (SE) appointed Sue Riches *
Loretta Dike * (RC)
Dr. Cami Bishop (SY) *
Brian Williams *
College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) 9 no Teresa Alonso - director and Yessica Mercado, admin. asst. 7-29-08
Careers & Jobs   no

George Knox *

Becky Washington
Catalog   no Stacey Timmins*, Curriculum 4-5
Child Care 8 no

Sylvania: Deborah Sipe * & Erica Hand *


RC: Sonya Stevens x 7511

Computer Labs +4 WebEasy pgs no Sylvania:

Dave Happ *

RC: Katie Petronis
SE: Christine Phan
Cascade: Cindy Hervey
Cooperative Education   no George Knox * 5-3
Disability Services 65 no Mikael Snitker * 3-23
Distance Education   yes Donna Swanson 11-7
Factbook   no Nancy Benner Roberts  
Financial Aid 134 no Marilyn Bader 8-14
Financial Matters 34 no Dee Wilson * 7-7
Grants 10 no Erin Riley 12-7-07
Student Help Desk 1 no Andy Freed 6-27
International Students 53 no Kelley Brayton 10-13
Library   no    
Orientation   no   4-19
Organizational Chart   no Institutional Effectiveness  
Parking & Transportation 13 no John Garner * 2-24
Phi Theta Kappa 1 no   4-18
Phone Services (Campus Conveniences)   no 4-25
Purchasing (Procurement Dept.)   yes (Financial Services site) 10-11-10
Registration   no Pam Muir * 4-27
Student Records   yes Elaine Joy,* Student Records 4-28
Study Abroad Programs   no Kelley Brayton ? 10-13
Transcripts   no Elaine Joy * Student Records 4-28
Transfer Center, University   no Tonia Coronado-Denzer * 6-5
Tutoring 7 no Marilyn Marshall (RC) * 3-16
Penny Thompson * (CA)
Kathy Somers (SE)
Barbara Roberts ? (SY)
Veteran Services   no Marilyn Bader 8-14-06
WebCT log-in   no done
Women's Resource Centers 7 no Linda Palmer (CA) * 3-23
Christine Paull (RC) *
Deborah Evind (SY) (out on medical leave ) *

* Confirmed contact