Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Resources still to be migrated

These are items listed on Resources index page that have not been migrated to the new template. I do not have a page count on resources in the old template because they have been counted in the pcc.edu/pcc inventory.

Resources that have been migrated to the new template are listed below this table.

Name Pages Different Intranet site? Contact Publish Date
ASPCC 88 no Kendi Esary (CA) * 3-18
Linda Gettmann (SE) appointed Sue Riches *
Loretta Dike * (RC)
Dr. Cami Bishop (SY) *
Brian Williams *
College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) 9 no Teresa Alonso - director and Yessica Mercado, admin. asst. 7-29-08
Careers & Jobs   no

George Knox *

Becky Washington
Catalog   no Stacey Timmins*, Curriculum 4-5
Child Care 8 no

Sylvania: Deborah Sipe * & Erica Hand *


RC: Sonya Stevens x 7511

Computer Labs +4 WebEasy pgs no Sylvania:

Dave Happ *

RC: Katie Petronis
SE: Christine Phan
Cascade: Cindy Hervey
Cooperative Education   no George Knox * 5-3
Disability Services 65 no Mikael Snitker * 3-23
Distance Education   yes Donna Swanson 11-7
Factbook   no Nancy Benner Roberts  
Financial Aid 134 no Marilyn Bader 8-14
Financial Matters 34 no Dee Wilson * 7-7
Grants 10 no Erin Riley 12-7-07
Student Help Desk 1 no Andy Freed 6-27
International Students 53 no Kelley Brayton 10-13
Library   no    
Orientation   no   4-19
Organizational Chart   no Institutional Effectiveness  
Parking & Transportation 13 no John Garner * 2-24
Phi Theta Kappa 1 no   4-18
Phone Services (Campus Conveniences)   no 4-25
Purchasing (Procurement Dept.)   yes (Financial Services site) 10-11-10
Registration   no Pam Muir * 4-27
Student Records   yes Elaine Joy,* Student Records 4-28
Study Abroad Programs   no Kelley Brayton ? 10-13
Transcripts   no Elaine Joy * Student Records 4-28
Transfer Center, University   no Tonia Coronado-Denzer * 6-5
Tutoring 7 no Marilyn Marshall (RC) * 3-16
Penny Thompson * (CA)
Kathy Somers (SE)
Barbara Roberts ? (SY)
Veterans Education Benefits Office   no Marilyn Bader 8-14-06
WebCT log-in   no done
Women's Resource Centers 7 no Linda Palmer (CA) * 3-23
Christine Paull (RC) *
Deborah Evind (SY) (out on medical leave ) *

* Confirmed contact