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Sites to be Migrated

These sites are in either the old template, the transitional template, a WebEasy account, a SPOT account or a PDF and need to be migrated. An outline layout of items to be included on a program page has been created. From this, an informational questionnaire worksheet was constructed to help each program contact gather the needed materials.

Priority Decisions:

1 -
Target programs, or those with no web presence.
2 -
To coordinate with marketing (brochure).
3 -
Currently a have a PDF, or special need/interest.
4 -
Remaining WebEasy pages.
Name Contact Questionnaire Publish
Accounting Nancy Wilder & Bill Bruno (BA SAC chairs)   7-09
Alcohol and Drug Counseling Larry Clausen   12-4-07
Anthropology (Transfer)     10-01-09
Apprenticeship and Trades Katrina Cloud   2-2-07
Architectural Design and Drafting Elizabeth Metcalf   12-11-06
Art (transfer) Jim Hicks Sam Morgan (Cascade) 9-26-06 3-21-08
Asian Studies Sylvia Gray No - Build from Brochure 05-19
Auto Collision Repair Technology Hal Carman   07-16-07
Automotive Service Technology Paul Sackman   Not sure
Automotive: General Motors ASEP Scott Morgan   11-13-07
Aviation Maintenance Technology Steve Phillips   Done
Aviation Science Larry Altree 9-6-06 3-15-07
Biology (transfer) Nancy Briggs   10-05-09
Bioscience Technology     10-30-08
Business Administration Nancy Wilder & Bill Bruno (BA SAC chairs)   1-23-07
Business Administration (transfer) Nancy Wilder & Bill Bruno (BA SAC chairs)   09-08-09
Building Construction Technology Spencer Hinkle 9-6-06 Done
Building Inspection Technology Glen Truman   1-8-07
Chemistry (transfer) Carmen Martinez    
Civil Engineering Technology Kathleen Harriman   6-13-06
Computer Applications and Office Systems Kelly Peden   10-29-07
Computer Information Systems

Taylor Hanna

and Maureen Wright

9-6-06 (sent to Susan Odeh) 12-15-07
Computer Science (transfer) Walter Morales 4-16-07 08-20-07
Creative Writing (transfer) Michael McDowell   10-26-07
Criminal Justice Jim Parks   1-23-07
Culinary Assistant Training Lee Fan   1-27-08
Dance     8-09
Dental Assisting Melissa Padilla 4/12 6-19-07
Dental Hygiene Melissa Padilla 4/12 6-19-07
Dental Laboratory Technology Melissa Padilla 4/12 6-19-07
Diesel Service Technology Russ Dunnington   7-18-08
Dealer Service Technology - ThinkBIG Stuart Savin No 03-24
Drafting and Design Technology Glen Truman 9-6-06 1-29-07
Early Childhood Education Christyn Dundorf   8-27-07
E-Commerce Taylor Hanna   3-4-07
Economics (transfer)     10-06-09
Education Gabe Hunter-Bernstein   7/20/2009
Electronic Engineering Technology Kathleen Harriman   6-13-06
Emergency Medical Services (EMS/EMT) Carol Meckes (x5532)   6/26/08
English as a Non-Native Language (transfer) Dan Claussen   8-29-06
Engineering (transfer)     6-13-06
Environmental Studies (transfer)     11-17-09
Facilities Maintenance Technology Katrina Cloud   4-16-07
Fire Science

Ed Lindsey

and Dan Myers

Fitness Technology Moe O'Connor 5/8 5/16
French (transfer) Sarah Bentley   9/17/09
General Science (transfer) Amy Odman   08-11-09
Geology (transfer) Amy Odman   08-11-09
Geography (transfer)     01-2010
German (transfer)     07-09
Graphic Design Cece Cutsforth   1-8-07
Health (transfer) Marshall Meyer 4-13-07 6-19-07
Health Information Management Ann Wenning   8-28-07
History (transfer)     9-12-07
Instructional Assisting, Special Education Gabe Hunter-Bernstein   9-12-07
Interior Design JoAnn Thomas   1-25-07
International Business Nancy Wilder & Bill Bruno (BA SAC chairs)   09-10-09
Japanese (transfer) Sarah Bentley   5-14-09
Journalism (transfer) Doris Werkman   12-4-09
Landscape Technology Marilyn Alexander   6/07
Library Media Assisting Gabe Hunter-Bernstein   10-2-07
Literature (transfer)   in process (8-28) waiting on program feedback 10-26-07
Machine Manufacturing Technology Pat Kraft   12-17-07
Management Nancy Wilder & Bill Bruno (BA SAC chairs)   3-3-09
Marketing Cheryl Scott (Rock Creek)   1-23-07
Mathematics (transfer) Peter Haberman 4-13-07  
Mechanical Engineering Technology Kathleen Harriman   6-13-06
Medical Assisting Larry Clausen   8-28-07
Medical Laboratory Technology Carol Enyart pre-questionnaire 6-19-06
Microelectronics Technology Dorina Cornea-Hasegan   done
Multimedia Beth Fitzgerald   9-6-06
Music (transfer)     11-09
Music, Professional Allen Jones   2-5-07
Nursing (transfer)

Melissa Padilla

4/19 6-19-07
Occupational Skills Training Sandy Schramm   12-10-07
Ophthalmic Medical Technology Joanne Harris   7-16-07
Paralegal Jerry Brask Sent: 05-16 11-22-06
Parent Education (non-degree)     09-10-09
Peace and Conflict Studies (transfer) Michael Sonnleitner   12-1-09
Philosophy (transfer) Matt Stockton   11-19-09
Physical Education and Fitness (transfer)     11-08
Physics (transfer) Laura Fellman 4-24-07 done
Political Science (transfer) Michael Sonnleitner   12-1-09
Psychology (transfer) Janice Rank   11-19-09
Radiography Melissa Padilla 4/26 done
Real Estate     2-24-09
Russian (transfer)     4-24-09
Sign Language Interpretation Darcie LeMieux   1-25-07
Sign Language Studies Dave Stout   09-10-09
Sociology (transfer) Kim Smith   12-03-09
Spanish (transfer)     07-09
Speech Communication (transfer) Holly King   01-14-10
Theater Arts (transfer) Gretchen Icenogle   10-11-07
Veterinary Technology Dolores Galindo and Brad Krohn   3-22-07
Web Site Development     10-29-07
Welding Technology Scott Judy Sent: 05-19 7-7
Writing (transfer) Melissa Manolas (in Rock Creek)   10-26-07
Women's Studies (transfer)     2-19-09