Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


Our goal is to migrate all pcc.edu web pages into the new template.


By my calculations there are approximately 900 pages in old and transitional templates and WebEasy accounts (not counting the entire Academics list). Let's assume that the basic Academic Program will have 3 pages. There are 107 programs listed on the Academics index page. So that will add: 321 pages.

This does not include the PCC library site or the Online Education site which we don't have templates for. It also does not include the Institutional Effectiveness site.

So I am going to base the migration schedule on 1221 pages that still need to be put into the new template.


  1. Start migrating all pages (246 not counting Academics) currently in the transitional template. The content on these sites should be current. While migrating these pages, contact Resources in the old template and ask them to review their site for any changes they would like made during the migration.
  2. Migrate all sites on the Resources index page that are in the old template (621 not counting Academics). While migrating these pages, contact Academics and ask them to review their site and prepare content based on our 'Programs Outline'
  3. Migrate all sites on the Academics index page still in the old template.(321 pages)
  4. Migrate any pages in the pcc.edu/pcc/ folder that still remain. Move contents out of this folder and eliminate folder.
  5. Migrate any remaining pages.