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Roles and responsibilities

The Web Team is always excited to learn about new areas of the college and provide students with easy access to information. In order to facilitate a positive collaboration on your site, click the links below to see how we’ve defined the roles and responsibilities of both parties:


As the Web Team, we will design and develop your site within the PCC template. It will be professional, well organized and compliant with web, PCC and accessibility standards. We have useful components and can assist you with photography to customize your site. We welcome your input and aim to please you, but keep in mind that the Web Team works within a set of standards consistent with college branding and PCC's web style guide.


When we work with a program, department or other PCC organization, we ask that you identify a single point of contact. This contact must have permission to make decisions regarding the web pages, and will coordinate with other staff during this process. The Web Team expects all dialogue on the project to be routed through this contact.

It is important to remember that a web project requires your dedicated participation. We are dependent upon your expertise and time to develop content, and for ongoing monitoring of the content. If your current schedule does not permit the time commitment necessary, you may want to consider scheduling the project for another time.

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